Teads forms strategic data partnership with Acxiom

axciom and teads partnership - mediashotz

Teads, the global media platform, has announced the launch of a new global partnership with Acxiom, the customer intelligence company whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences. 

The new partnership will provide comprehensive, addressable solutions while putting privacy first.


Acxiom’s data will be easily accessible through Teads’ proprietary self-serve platform, Teads Ad Manager (TAM). 

This data ingestion will simplify the use of Acxiom audiences across Teads’ inventory and allow the platform’s advanced AI to deliver more efficient decisions to drive outcomes for brands.
By collaborating with Teads, Acxiom will continue its long history of combining innovation and creativity to drive demonstrable results for both clients and partners. 

The partnership will combine the addressability of Acxiom’s data through Teads’ market leading technology and direct integration with the world’s best publishers. 

Acxiom’s ethically sourced, privacy-compliant customer data management solutions and diverse data sets include segments across demographics, interests, household income and purchase behaviours to allow advertisers to consistently deliver media effectiveness.

“Acxiom is constantly working to create more unified experiences as the digital ecosystem continues to evolve and we’re thrilled to partner with Teads to better serve advertisers and their audience delivery needs,” said John Baudino, Senior Vice President of Data & Identity at Acxiom. 

“By enabling seamless data access through Teads, advertisers can quickly reach the customers that matter most, pairing privacy-compliant data with a premium, brand-safe environment.”

Remi Cackel, Chief Data Officer at Teads, said: “As we move into the next era of responsible targeting, partnerships that focus on delivering outcomes through ethical data practices will be critical for brands”.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Acxiom to be building a media ecosystem that delivers for advertisers and publishers whilst rebuilding trust with consumers.”