TalkTalk ad thanking telecoms workers set to air during BGT

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TalkTalk is set to showcase a special ad-break on ITV this weekend to thank telecoms workers for keeping the nation connected during lockdown.

Can you even imagine what lockdown would’ve been like if we’d had no wi-fi or broadband?

So it’s entirely right that, at a time when technology has become the nation’s lifeline, and enabled Britain to stay in touch and keep talking, TalkTalk is turning the spotlight on the people working around the clock to ensure our voices stay heard.

TalkTalk ad spot during BGT

The ad will debut during Britain’s Got Talent on ITV on Saturday 23 May. It will salute those that have helped keep Britain connected throughout the lockdown, from engineers to customer service agents.

TalkTalk will thank the 240 head office employees who gave up their day jobs to retrain as customer service agents.

It’ll also thank the network of engineers who have been busy working around the clock to upgrade connectivity and functionality for care homes, supermarkets and even the new Nightingale hospitals.

“We fully understand just how vital it is to feel connected at this time”, David Parslow, Group Marketing Director at TalkTalk, said.

“Whether it’s to friends, family or colleagues, the ability just to say hello can make a world of difference.

“Having an internet connection you can rely on is now more important than ever. But none of this would be possible without the connectors working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us all talking.

“We’ve known for a while at TalkTalk just how vital they are; but it’s fantastic to be able to use this platform to give them the recognition they deserve.

“I’m sure everyone will join me in thanking them for their continued efforts during these difficult times.”

Conversation and connectivity

Simon Daglish, Deputy Managing Director Commercial at ITV, said: “Conversation and connectivity has kept us all going throughout the lockdown; and of course none of that would be possible without the numerous communication channels we have at our disposal.

“This collaboration is a perfect way to say thank you to the people who have quite literally kept us talking.”