Taboola launches new bidding service as part of new Microsoft agreement

taboola - launches bidding service upgrade

Taboola a global company powering recommendations for the open web, has launch a new native bidding service, allowing it to extend its existing and growing 14,000 advertiser base to other supply types such as display advertising inventory, social networks and others.

Microsoft, a long-term strategic Taboola partner, has supported Taboola in the design of the new bidding service, which will accrue to Taboola’s goal to drive even more growth for both companies and to fully leverage the opportunity of the open RTB space. 

As a result, Taboola has signed a new agreement with Microsoft through July 2024.

Bidding service

Historically, Taboola and Microsoft had a revenue share arrangement. In utilising the new service, Taboola can drive higher ex-TAC revenue and can drive even faster growth. 

The new Taboola bidding service will also provide more growth opportunities for advertisers.

“I’m so thankful for our friends at Microsoft for not only being a long-standing partner, but also for encouraging our long-term investment in the new bidding service, which will drive growth for the advertising community, Microsoft and Taboola,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO Taboola. 

“On the back of massive growth in our industry, including digital platforms such as display and social networks – we intend to repurpose this bidding technology across social networks, display inventory and to be piloted on Microsoft’s digital properties in 2022.”

Kya Sainsbury-Carter, VP Global Partner Sales Microsoft, said: “We are excited to continue our work with Taboola as an open RTB bidding partner on the Microsoft Exchange. 

“This investment positions Microsoft and Taboola to bring even more value to advertisers, agencies and publishers alike and to empower them in new ways in the future”.

In December Taboola reaffirmed its previously issued guidance for 2021 and 2022. 

NASDAQ-listed Taboola said it will provide progress updates in 2022 on the integration of its new native bidding service with Microsoft and across display inventory, social networks and more.