Swipe Back launches new service to help brands navigate Discord


Swipe Back, the leading web3 and metaverse creative agency, has launched a dedicated offer for brands using the Discord platform. 

Discord is a global voice, video and text chat app.

The initiative brings together a full suite of support for those wanting to explore the platform’s community-building opportunities.

Swipe Back 

Swipe Back’s new division will be made up of a team of five specialists. The one-stop-shop will develop holistic Discord strategies for brands who want to build a presence on the platform, and help them engage in and promote authentic conversations.  

The agency will also bring to bear expertise that it has built in the less-regulated web3 and metaverse spaces, helping brands navigate the issues that come with experimenting in a less familiar channel like Discord.

Swipe Back’s Discord-specific offer comes at a time when brands are looking to broaden their social strategies and reduce their dependence on the more established platform where it is becoming harder and more expensive to reach target audiences.

Commenting on the initiative, Swipe Back’s co-founder and creative director Nikhil Roy, said: “We like to think we are one of the first specialist digital creative agencies to launch a bespoke Discord offer. 

“Our new division has been built on the back of growing client demand; brands are seeing their customers using an increasingly broad range of social platforms and they are keen to understand the right way to engage in these new channels.

“Some brands might be familiar with Discord within the context of an NFT initiative or through its early association with gaming, but we believe that the channel is a powerful community-building platform that gives brands – especially the early adopters – a big competitive advantage.

“The beauty of this channel is that brands don’t need thousands of followers to make an impact. Its format allows them to interact directly with a smaller pool of dyed-in-the-wool loyalists and to shape conversations. 

“It’s a welcome shift from Facebook’s top-down approach to community building that limits direct engagement with users.

“The caveat for brands is that they have to cede a certain degree of control if conversations are to flourish authentically. Ensuring that bad apples don’t exploit this independence will require dedicated Discord moderators – not bots – who can act as custodians for brands and ensure the channel remains a safe space for communities.”

Last month, Discord launched its first OOH campaign in France, its first outside of the US, as the platform earmarks further growth in Europe. 

Analysis shows Germany and France are already in the top five markets generating the most traffic on Discord.