Superunion Ventures launches to grow next generation of revolutionary brands

superunion ventures

Superunion, the WPP creative company, today announces the launch of Superunion Ventures, a new venture studio that will help grow a new generation of brands, products and experiences. 

Superunion will use its extensive expertise in creating impactful global brands to help founders, their investors and entrepreneurial corporations use the power of creativity to transform business ideas into new revenue streams.

Superunion Ventures

Recognising the opportunity to support corporate venture capital and entrepreneurial corporations, Superunion Ventures will use a community-driven approach to shape design and development decisions that help speed up the building of brands that make sense for their target audience. 

Using audience insights, Superunion Ventures supports corporations in taking products from the ideas stage through to multi-market scale.

Superunion Ventures can also help start-up and scale-up businesses develop new propositions and carry out real-world digital experiments to validate concepts and build an engaged community around their brand.

Uniquely, the new company will also be able to provide end-to-end product creation and branding, helping to make the product itself and supporting it with positioning, naming, visual identity and broader experience design. 

The products will be scaled by using audiences to convert the demand into commercial traction and achieve scale across markets. 

This is exemplified by Superunion’s partnership with Skipping Rocks Lab and their backers to rebrand Notpla, a revolutionary new sustainable seaweed and plant-based packaging brand, that has since formed partnerships with Just Eat and Unilever. 

The project also won the prestigious Cannes Lion Design Grand Prix in 2021.

UK-based team

Superunion Ventures is a dedicated UK-based team spearheaded by Chief Experience Officer, Ian Wharton and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Matt Boffey, who both bring extensive experience as entrepreneurs and founders themselves. 

Ian was a founding partner of Zolmo, a software publishing and development company, which launched in 2009, and more recently founded his second, Aide Health,  which uses conversational AI to support people with long term conditions.

Boffey is the founder of LSU, an innovation consulting business, and Okey Dokey, a social media publishing tool. 

They will be combining all disciplines into a lean, hands-on team with the ability to leverage Superunion’s global network of 750 people in 12 countries as necessary.

Holly Maguire, UK CEO of Superunion, said:  “Superunion unlocks the creative potential of both talent and brands and finds new ways for brands to make a valuable contribution to the world. 

“Superunion Ventures is an exciting and natural progression for the business as we look to nurture the next generation of revolutionary consumer brands and businesses. 

“With the some of the sharpest brains in the business underpinning this offering, we are creating a new stream of growth that empowers investors, founders, and their brands, cuts out the traditional financial and equity considerations, and solidifies Superunion’s position as a creative powerhouse.”

Matt Boffey, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Superunion, said: “We live in an age of incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. 

“We’re excited by Superunion Ventures for 3 reasons. First, putting community building at the start and heart of the venture process. Second, going beyond concepting and being able to create products, both physical and digital. 

“Third, being able to work with founders, investors, and corporates in flexible ways, whether it’s fixed fees or investing creative capital. We believe this approach is the best way for our partners to minimise risk and give themselves the best chance of success. 

“Our job is to get them to market quickly, with a strong proposition that resonates with their audience.”

Ian Wharton, Chief Experience Officer at Superunion, said: “We know first-hand the challenges founders face early on in their business, in particular at pre-seed and seed stage investment. 

“The skillset of Superunion is uniquely positioned to provide hands-on and entrepreneurial support to turn ideas into meaningful, high-growth brands.”