Streamz safety trailer urges viewers to watch “The Road”


Users of Belgium’s biggest streaming platform, Streamz, are being urged to watch a thought provoking new trailer that promotes watching “The Road”.

The campaign urges  customers to watch an actual road rather than a movie or series and comes as research from the Belgian Traffic Institute (VIAS) shows that a shocking 7% of Belgian drivers have watched a movie or series while driving.

Streams trailer

The trailer, directed by award-winning director Delano Sookha, looks like it’s promoting a suspenseful movie worth watching.

Like many other trailers, it shows quotes from movie critics. Only in this case, the critics are the parents of real road victims, urging viewers to watch the road.

With quotes like “don’t miss a second”, “you need to see this”, or “a must-watch”. Ending with a simple, but powerful message: watch the road.

“When we were asked to support this campaign, we were immediately convinced of its value and relevance. We’re happy to support this campaign and give it the visibility it deserves”, said Isabelle Maselis, Head of Branding & Marketing Communication at Streamz.

This campaign is a partnership between Parents of Road Victims and Streamz.

“We’re thankful to have Streamz, the biggest Belgian streaming platform, as a partner”, said An Vandeborne, director at Parents of Road Victims vzw.

“People already know drinking and driving, social media and driving, texting and driving are problems. Now we want to make them aware of a new life-threatening issue: streaming and driving.

“People can enjoy, and even binge watch, their favourite content, but not while driving. Not when they put themselves, others and children, in danger.

“We hope that this trailer reaches the 7% of Belgian drivers in the place where they look for content, and makes them think twice”.

The campaign was conceived and produced by Happiness creative agency in Brussels.

The trailer was directed and filmed by award-winning director Delano Sookha. The soundtrack is the work of the young Belgian musician-composer Jaan Hantson.

Besides the trailer, the campaign also includes a print ad and digital out-of-home billboards.