Storytelling on Demand: Go Inspire partners with Emmy-winning toldright


Marketing performance partner Go Inspire, a Xerox company, today launched a partnership with toldright, creating a powerful platform for brand storytelling through video in the UK.

Storytelling on Demand

With a mission to deliver “Storytelling on Demand,” toldright revolutionises how brands connect with their audience digitally.

The platform provides business users with a scalable and easy to use production technology to create content for multiple platforms, uses and audiences all from one source video.

Video has proven to be one of the most engaging vehicles to deliver a lasting impression. In fact, research has shown that 85% of people rely on video when making purchases online and 72% of consumers prefer videos that are customised to their interests and preferences.

For Go Inspire and its clients, it is clear, personalised video production holds the key to unlocking brand affinity.

Storytelling on Demand – with toldright is Go Inspire’s proposition to provide its enterprise and tier 2 clients with advanced personalisation technology, creative expertise, scalability, data-driven insights, comprehensive support and measurable results.

Video storytelling has the transformative ability to supercharge marketing efforts and drive substantial business impact.

By creating narratives that resonate, brands can differentiate themselves and build emotional bonds with their audience.

Dimitri Kyprianou, Group MD at Go Inspire, said: “We are committed to elevating marketing performance, and as our growth trajectory continues, we continuously explore innovative avenues to forge stronger connections between brands and their target audiences.

“Our collaboration with toldright seamlessly extends our existing channels, and we are thrilled to join forces with their exceptional team to introduce personalised video storytelling to our clients and new markets.”

Max Heineman, CEO and co-founder toldright, said: “We are delighted to partner with Go Inspire to bring the future of video creation to UK businesses.

“Storytelling on Demand – with toldright blends data-driven storytelling with cutting-edge tech to craft personalised videos that captivate audiences.

“It is time to unleash endless possibilities and connect with your customers on a truly personal level.”