Stonewall launches proud mistletoe in first Christmas campaign, by Ogilvy

Proud Mistletoe Stonewall by Ogilvy - mediashotz

Stonewall, in partnership with Gay Times, has launched its first Christmas campaign, ‘Proud Mistletoe’ – a celebration of LGBTQ+ love that kisses goodbye to homophobic hate.

Inspired by the grim fact that homophobic hate crimes are up 30% in London to an alarming ten-year high, the agency hung the rainbow-coloured mistletoes in the types of public places where homophobic attacks often happen: in pubs, parks, residential streets, and takeaway shops. 

Proud Mistletoe

Couples from the community were then invited to kiss underneath them, as a way to reclaim their spaces.

In the online film, directed by Luis Aguer of Rebolucion, couples kiss to the track ‘Merry Christmas, I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight’, by Joey Ramone. 

Supporting activity includes digital OOH and a digital version of the #ProudMistletoe for Instagram, inviting everyone to kiss goodbye to online hate. 

In addition, 100 Proud Mistletoes will be given away via social media.

Stonewall plans to make the Proud Mistletoe available for all for Christmas 2022.

Daniel Fisher, Global Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be part of Stonewall’s first ever Christmas campaign.

“It’s an important piece of work for our agency, which has always flexed our purpose muscle.

Francesco Grandi, Global Creative Director at Ogilvy, said: “This Christmas, everyone should be free to kiss in public. We hope this campaign inspires people to fight back with love, not hate. 

“We’re proud to have revamped the mistletoe, a 300-year-old UK tradition, into a symbol for equal love. 

“If this campaign prevents just one homophobic attack this holiday season, then we did our job.”