Stink Studios announces new rebrand around values

stink studios

Creative advertising and digital experience company Stink Studios has announced its first rebrand since 2016.

The independent global network, known for its award-winning work for clients such as Riot Games, Nike, and Spotify, said the rebrand aligns with new company values and a philosophy that espouses the importance of ideals like craft, humanity, and equity. 

Stink Studios rebrand

“In a moment where office culture has receded into the background, it’s important for creative companies to explain what they stand for and why they’re different,” said CEO Mark Pytlik. 

“This isn’t just a visual refresh – all of the changes we’ve made reflect something deeper about the direction of the company itself.”

From a visual standpoint, Stink Studios has stripped itself down to the bare essentials, working primarily in black and white and emphasising system fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Courier. 

As part of the rebrand, the studio collaborated with the type foundry Dinamo to create a custom internal font called Stink Dings, a playful callback to pre-emoji fonts like Webdings and Wing Dings. 

With over 100+ illustrations, Stink Dings brings fun and flexibility to the stark, monochromatic rebrand. 

“The Dings are a reflection of our various studio cultures around the world,” says Pytlik. 

“We plan to update them frequently so that this design system stays as vital and as current as possible.”

Stink Studios’ new website features new work from clients like Mailchimp, Wealthfront, Peloton, and others. 

It also contains a full case study on the Stink Studios rebrand. 

“Sometimes I feel like we’re terrible at telling the world about all the exceptional work we do,” said Pytlik. 

“This new rebrand is the perfect frame for our incredible output, and a perfect representation of the company we’re building.”