St Luke’s hires 65 year old paid intern

Mark Denton Intern at St Luke's

Independent creative agency St Luke’s has hired a 65 year old paid intern, proving in one stroke that it’s a world class, truly inclusive agency. 

A year before the age most people would be considering retirement, renowned director Mark Denton will join the agency to be briefed on creative work pitches and take critiques.

65 year old paid intern

Denton, who begins on Monday 31 January, will be briefed on pitches and new campaigns alongside other creative teams, as any intern would be.

In planning for his internship, Denton will be going into the St Luke’s offices located in Covent Garden armed with a carrier bag full of markers and no laptop. 

Known for his striking sartorial choices, he also plans to dress the part as an enthusiastic new addition to the agency.

Of his placement, Denton said: “I genuinely want to know how the creative department and teams work.

“This might sound like a gimmick, but I am here to learn, and learning should be a part of our entire career – I have no doubt, the creative teams might learn a thing or two from me too.”

Alan Young, CCO of St. Luke’s said: “We saw Mark’s portfolio and considered it to show real potential. So much so, we envisage a learning experience that will be very much a two-way street.”

Neil Henderson, CEO of St Luke’s added: “At the agency we are conscious of the stereotypes and barriers that come with age, race and gender and we’re keen to smash all of those. 

“The door is open to interns from all kinds of backgrounds and experience – we’re lucky that our first more mature intern is Mark. He definitely smashes the stereotype of an intern!”

Despite an illustrious career in the advertising world, Denton has never been an intern anywhere.

St Luke’s should be commended for making such an inclusive, and probably smart decision. In 2020 Mark Read, the CEO of globally renown media agency powerhouse WPP, shocked investors when her appeared to make ageist comments about the young average age of his staff.

Mediashotz firmly believes that only when ageism in all industries is addressed will there be true inclusiveness across the UK workplace.