Spotlight on Product of the Year winner: Zarbee’s


We sat down with Kenvue Senior Brand Manager, Tiffany Clark, to discover more about the new brand ZARBEE’S and the real-life story behind it…


Tell us about your winning product and why it resonates so well with the consumer.

ZARBEE’S is a natural health & wellness brand that is inspired by nature, and backed by science.

The range includes products to relieve any cough, dry or chesty, and sore throats, and a range of daily vitamin products suitable for the family.

Each product is made with pure honey, naturally sourced botanicals and vitamins, they taste great, and consumers love that there are no artificial colours or flavours.

What’s the story behind the Zarbee’s brand?

Unable to find effective, medicine-free products during 2008 in the US, Dr Zak Zarbock aspired to bring new ideas to market to support the health and wellbeing of both his family and patients.

His very first product was a honey-based kid’s cough syrup, completely free of ingredients like alcohol, artificial colours and flavours.

Since then, the ZARBEE’S brand has continued to thrive, and has now launched in the UK & Ireland for consumers looking for more natural health and wellness products.

Did you do anything differently when ideating / designing the product? If so – what was it?

As a new wellness brand,  we have carefully crafted products suitable for the family, using wholesome ingredients including pure honey, naturally sourced botanicals, and vitamins.

What you won’t find in our products are artificial flavours or colours which is becoming increasingly important to many consumers.

We’ve also taken a creative approach to launching the brand through our high reach advertising.  Our family of bears show the heart-warming reality of parents doing all they can to keep their children happy and healthy, which can sometimes be at the expense of taking care of themselves.

We at ZARBEE’S believe kindness is for everyone, and using our kind and effective products to relieve coughs or support your immune system daily are small acts of kindness for yourself and for your family.

They are becoming well-loved characters and bring our brand to life!

What impact do you hope winning Product of the Year will have on the product?

For Zarbee’s, as a new brand for the UK – and not just for the new range, having such a well-respected stamp of approval is invaluable.

Knowing that it’s been vetted by over 8,000 consumers and the fact it’s been independently rated is a huge bonus!

And now, as we’re stocked in all the big supermarkets, health shops and pharmacies, the red logo will hopefully help shoppers choose us over our competitors.

Brand lift: Product of the Year recognition can change brands.

Are there any particular trends you will be tapping into this year in terms of product innovation?

Plant-based is a big theme! Within food, skincare and other categories, we’re increasingly seeing products that cater to a plant-based lifestyle.

So, ZARBEE’S has launched at a great point in time, providing consumers with a more natural alternative to other health and wellness products. We see this trend continuing as more consumers look to manage their’s, and their family’s health more proactively than ever before.

What are the plans and ambitions for the brand/product in 2024 and beyond?

This is still the first full year of ZARBEE’S officially launching in the UK so it’s early days, our goal is to get as many consumers as possible to trial and love our products!

Driving awareness of the brand remains key, so hopefully many more people will get to know the ZARBEE’S family of bears in our advertising and the product range.

What is the role of innovation for your brand specifically? (e.g. staying competitive, stretching into new categories, growing our user base, giving us something to shout about)

It’s highly important! For ZARBEE’S, innovation means expanding the brand to build a range that can be the go-to for families across the UK for proactive & reactive healthcare needs.

Consumer feedback is also hugely important, so we’re staying close to ratings and reviews and love seeing how much people love the ZARBEE’S range so far!

Do you have any new products that you can tell us about?

Watch this space!

Describe your winning product in 3 words.

Natural, tasty, effective.