Spotify and São Paulo museum launch superstar Anitta activation


In partnership with Spotify, the Museu da Língua Portuguesa in São Paulo is hosting a temporary activation around top Brazilian singer/songwriter, Anitta.

Created by Soko, the activation explores the cultural universe of the multi-award-winning singer.

Do You Speak Anitta?

Called “Do You Speak Anitta?”, visitors are invited to dive deep into the musical universe of the singer and explore the linguistic diversity present in her funk beats.

“Language is a dance. A journey. It can take us to unimaginable places and is taking Brazilian funk far and wide,” said singer Anitta.

“My new album is a celebration of Brazilian funk, and I want everyone to get into this beat. I hope Funk Generation reaches every corner of the world to spread the word about our funk”.

Through immersive content, “Do You Speak Anitta?” explores the cultural and linguistic diversity of Anitta’s music, particularly her newly released album featuring songs in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Visitors will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access and dive into the singer’s favorite expressions and unique speech style.

‘GRIP’, ‘Joga Pra Lua’, and ‘Olha bem pra mim, más perra que Rin Tin Tin’ are some examples that make up her vocabulary.

Created by Soko, the core of the campaign is the fusion of English, Portuguese, and Spanish, reflecting Anitta’s diverse origins and global appeal.

“Anitta’s music is more than just entertainment — it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends borders”, said Diego Limberti, Chief Designer Officer at Soko.

“With this campaign, we celebrate the richness of the Portuguese language and funk as its own language, a vibrant urban dialect that connects with the reality of the public”.

Manuela Ramalho, Head of Marketing at Spotify in Brazil, said: “We are excited with the activation of Spotify at the Museu da Língua Portuguesa, part of the Do You Speak Anitta? campaign.

“Language and its forms of expression are fundamental elements in the construction of culture, and artists like Anitta play a significant role in this process, bringing new rhythms and slang, influencing the way young people express themselves and interact”.

Messages from Anitta, behind-the-scenes experiences, and many other exclusive details of the intervention will be available on Spotify Brazil’s official profiles on Instagram, X, and TikTok for fans across Brazil.