Spendesk launches ‘super satisfying’ campaign – putting people before product

spendesk campaign 2022

Spendesk, the 7-in-1 spend management solution for small and medium-sized businesses, is bucking fintech marketing trends with the launch of a new creative campaign that focuses on the feeling Spendesk delivers over the features it provides. 


In Spendesk’s first-ever multi-market brand campaign, the European startup is putting people and play front and centre to reinforce not only its service differentiation, but its people-first company identity.

“Our customers have always been the centre of our brand identity”, said Spendesk’s VP of Marketing, Stephanie Bowker. 

“Our platform has evolved, our business has expanded but our core mission to set the standards on trust, transparency and freedom at work is our forever core,” .

Billboards, taxi wraps and metro ads all across London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg feature colourful images of people dressed for work, not hunched over a computer but lounging by the pool. 

While Spendesk’s app and card are visible in the photos, the focus is on the user and their relaxed state of mind with the tagline, “Super satisfying spend management” floating above.

“Most fintech branding is all about the service, so you see a lot of images of credit cards and app screens while the users themselves are relegated to a hand, at most,” said Bowker. 

“From our interviews and focus groups, Spendesk users universally kept coming back to the satisfaction of using something simple and intuitive. 

“The most comparable metaphor we found was to re-live a holiday. While we can’t promise to provide that exact vacation feeling, we aim to get as close as possible by anticipating every need of our customers.”

Spendesk Brand Campaign 2022 Metro-Billboard App
Easy biz: Spendesk campaign for small business is ‘Super Satisfying’.

Inspiration for the theme was found in a survey by Spendesk and YouGov where finance workers and managers in Europe were interviewed on their work likes and dislikes. 

Employee burnout

Employee burnout was found to be a serious issue, with inefficient processes often reported as the trigger.

“This campaign shows how work can feel when you have the tools you need,” said Bowker. 

“It’s not about being more productive, it’s about feeling fulfilled and empowered to do your best work. 

“Automation not only frees up people from painful admin but gives them back time to  pursue work that is meaningful to them.”

Created in collaboration with global brand agency DesignStudio and Tug, an international performance marketing agency, the campaign will run the entire summer and features out-of-home advertising, media sponsorships and digital ads.

“After spending time with the Spendesk team — immersing ourselves in their world, their product and their unique point of view — the idea was clear,” said  Lorenzo Di Cola, Designer  at DesignStudio. 

“We wanted to create the most satisfying campaign, giving a sneak peek of how finance teams feel when using Spendesk, and showing something that our audience could dream of. 

“It was an absolute pleasure to work on this campaign, looking for the unexpected and going beyond the typical B2B brief.”

Hannah Thompson, Group Media Director at Tug, said: “Spendesk’s brief is such an exciting one for us given that they are so invested in making sure the creative is different to any other fintech brand you see nowadays”. 

“Our focus is on intra-city travel hubs with a combination of high-frequency and high-impact placements to catch our target audience on their commute and as they move around the city meeting clients.”