#SpendBlack: Google, Black Pound Day launch Observer Mag ad takeover

Observer back cover google black pound day - mediashotz

Google and Black Pound Day are taking over every ad spot in the Observer Magazine on Sunday 21 November, using the slogan “Your Spend has power”, to promote #SpendBlack. 

The campaign aims to encourage shoppers to shop with Black-owned businesses that can be found on Black Pound Day’s directory. 

The campaign, created by Google’s creative Agency Quiet Storm, will use every inch of advertising space in the Observer Magazine to champion different Black businesses across the UK, through powerful images, statistics, and personal narratives to drive consumers to spend with these enterprises.


The Black Pound Day movement aims to address the economic inequalities Black business owners face and boost economic opportunities for Black communities by increasing the visibility of Black businesses and highlighting the importance of spending Black on #BlackPoundDay, the first Saturday of each month. 

The next #BlackPoundDay will take place on Saturday 4 December.

Swiss, the Founder and Director of Black Pound Day, who galvanised the movement, said: “The vision I had in June 2020 amidst the anti-racism protests was to help political protesters transition into economic activists. 

“Since then, our movement has dramatically changed spend culture and the competitive landscape for Black business owners. 

“We are proud to have partnered with Google to amplify our message of supporting Black businesses and address socio-economic inequalities. 

“Now in 2021, we are excited to collaborate in launching the #SpendBlack campaign enabling us to increase visibility and broaden consumers access for Black makers and entrepreneurs.”

Google’s Black Pound Day partnership launched in 2020 via a Time Out London magazine special edition featuring only Black-owned businesses, restaurants, and contributors. 

This wide-ranging partnership also includes an online hub highlighting a selection of Black-owned businesses registered to the Black Pound Day directory, and the continued support for Black business owners through free 1-to-1 mentoring and Google Digital Garage training.

Nishma Robb, Senior Director of Brand and Reputation Marketing at Google, said: “With this ad takeover, we are proud to put the goods, services and issues faced by Black entrepreneurs at the centre of the Observer Magazine’s readership at a peak retail period. 

‘Your Spend Has Power’

“‘Your Spend Has Power’ is a message that needs to be heard nationally as consumers become more conscious about how their spending habits contribute to supporting small, diverse businesses and the UK’s economic recovery.

“Partnering with Black Pound Day, having the opportunity to feature Black-owned businesses that have taken part in Google’s Grow with Google scheme, and collaborating with Black-led agency Quiet Storm, has been core to creating this authentically inclusive campaign.”

In 2021 the #SpendBlack initiative was launched to counter the discrimination faced by Black enterprises with an influencer marketing campaign including celebrities such as Munroe Bergdorf, David Whitely, and Tom Malone Jr. as well as offering ad space in Stylist magazine.

Trevor Robinson OBE, executive creative director of Quiet Storm, who developed the entire campaign, from strategic platform, to creative idea and production, said: “This campaign is creating huge waves across society as it reminds people that they have the power to help level the playing field when it comes to economic inequality and give a rocket boost to brilliant, cutting-edge and talented Black businesses. 

“The takeover of the Observer Magazine will be informative and empowering, reminding readers to be mindful about the impact of where they spend their money. 

“Where you spend your money, can make a real difference.”