Specsavers rebrands in-house agency to Specsavers Creative

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Specsavers‘ award-winning in-house creative agency has been rebranded from Specsavers The Agency to Specsavers Creative.

Specsavers Creative

Since the business launched in 1984, Specsavers has been pioneering in its strategy to build its creative expertise in-house rather than outsource it to an external creative agency.

At the time, it was a bold move, but the results speak for themselves with Specsavers ‘Should’ve’ becoming one of the most successful and long-running creative campaigns.

Led by Managing Director Nicola Wardell, Specsavers Creative is a team of just over 100 and brings together a full-service team ( producers, strategists, artworkers, conceptors, account handlers and designers) all united in being the creative compass for the Specsavers brand.

Specsavers Creative is responsible for the ideation and creation of all Specsavers’ advertising and marketing campaigns, from the globally renowned ‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’ campaign, now in its 44th iteration, to the recent, critically acclaimed audiology campaign ‘The Joy of Ordinary Sounds’, which launched last month in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Nicola Wardell, Managing Director at Specsavers Creative said: “The World Economic Forum recently named creativity as the most important skill to have in your workplace, and we’ve got it in abundance.

“The rebrand of Specsavers Creative is underpinned by the fact that creativity is the single biggest determinant of long-term advertising profitability within a brand’s control.

“At the same time, creative quality is the second most important short-term driver of ROI behind reach.

“Creativity is the fuel that supercharges our marketing activity, something we’ve been proudly doing in house for decades.

“So, we have decided to put the ‘creative’ right back at the centre of our name, focusing on the place that we uniquely play within the Specsavers business.

“We’re all here for one purpose – to act as the creative compass for the brand we are all proud to be part of.”