Specsavers launches ‘Lost and Found’ campaign to tackle hearing loss stigma


A new campaign from The Agency at Specsavers aims to challenge the misconceptions that hearing aids are just for the deaf, by highlighting everyday hearing loss scenarios that everyone can relate to.

Specsavers campaign 

In unmistakably Specsavers tone of voice, Lost and Found draws on insight that hearing is as individual as vision, entertainingly informing consumers that needing a hearing aid isn’t about going deaf or not. 

It’s just that some people lose the high notes, some the lows. Others lose consonants or even different accents. 

The campaign highlights that, whichever sounds someone has lost, Specsavers’ expert audiologists can help to find them with its advanced range of hearing aids.

The integrated campaign plays out across press, out of home and digital. The press and outdoor element of the campaign draws on the well-known and instantly recognisable vernacular of lost posters. 

A range of scenarios bring to life that hearing loss can not only affect everyone, but in different ways. 

Lost and Found: New Specsavers campaign tackles stigma or hearing loss.

The boomy bassy bit, the ref’s whistle, a doorbell ding and a microwave ping are all lost sounds that Specsavers pledges to help people find again.

Through digital executions, the campaign’s imagery visually conveys the message that hearing is as individual as vision, with some letters in a phrase becoming increasingly blurred before the Lost and Found message is served.

This innovative campaign from The Agency at Specsavers highlights that it is far from just a one-trick pony that lightens the eye care category with high budget ‘Should’ve’ campaigns. 

It demonstrates The Agency’s sophistication in using insights to deliver relevant and impactful creative with messages that can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Vicky Clarke, Specsavers’ Marketing Services Director: “Our brief was to convey Specsavers’ expertise within audiology, and to do that we used relevant consumer insight to deliver impactful creatives. 

“This is our first audiology campaign that has really demonstrated our superior understanding of the category, which is all about customer respect.”

Richard James, Creative Director at The Agency, said: “We don’t just do sight gags. We produce impactful work that makes a different to people around the world. 

“The variety of work that comes through The Agency at Specsavers is incredibly stimulating and challenging for our teams, and we are fortunate to work with very forward-thinking clients and media teams that enable us to be innovative with our work.”