Specsavers launches hilarious ‘Airport’ ad by cult TV director


Specsavers today launched its new ‘Should’ve’ TV campaign with an ad called ‘Airport’ which has been directed by cult comedy director Declan Lowney, known for Ted Lasso and Father Ted.

The TV spot breaks today and initially runs for eight weeks.


Harnessing the signature Specsavers humour, the ad introduces us to couple Greg and Ella who are about to go on holiday.

Ella manages to check in serenely ahead of Greg whilst he parks the car. Greg finally skids into the airport lobby with his wheelie suitcase and is now cutting it fine to make the departure.

Checking the departure board, Greg rushes frantically to catch his flight and various tense yet amusing scenarios ensue that everyone can relate too.

These include the classic cringe moment when you have to neck your bottle of water in front of an unimpressed security guard or relinquish your belt and your new espadrilles for an undignified body scan and of course try to run along a packed travelator, when everyone else is walking.

It ends with Greg racing jubilantly out onto the tarmac where the aircraft is getting prepped for take off.

We cut to a concerned-looking Ella who is already onboard, peering out of a porthole window as she clocks Greg down below. But will he manage to board the plane, or should he have gone to Specsavers?

The ad is crafted entirely without dialogue, with the comedic emphasis being on visual humour. Our protagonist turns into a stunt man of sorts to get around the airport as fast as possible and to his departure gate on time, which provides much hilarity.

The TV campaign is supported by Cinema, VOD, Digital video, OOH, press, social and special build.

OOH activity includes a placement at Waterloo Station’s big motion billboard which plays off the possibility that people might have mistaken the billboard for the departures board and Should’ve Gone to Specsavers. 

There will also be OOH gags in bus shelters, at petrol pumps, shopping centres, motorways and more – which send up how many people might be making sight fails in those places, such as putting the wrong fuel in their cars at petrol pumps or being on the wrong bus because they read the number incorrectly.

Declan Lowney, Director, said: “Specsavers has managed to achieve that rare feat of creating its own distinctive brand of humour.

“Its work has a comedy voice of its own so my role was to get the best out of the script and maximise the laughs. And telling a story purely with images – along with humour and wit – was right up my runway.”

Victoria Clarke, Marketing Services Director at Specsavers, said: “It was such a treat to work with comedy genius Declan Lowney to bring the Specsavers trademark humour to life.

“But as with all ‘Should’ve’ campaigns it’s relatable and has that core serious message at the heart of it, that mistakes are easily made if your eyesight is failing.”

Richard James, Creative Director at Specsavers, The Agency, said: “We wanted to do something different with this spot – up the jeopardy, up the scale and increase the gags.

“It’s a fun spot that we’re sure will resonate with all sorts of people. Declan and the team worked really hard together to bring the script to life so successfully.”

The creatives behind the work were Andrea Raanaas & Mike McCallum and Simon Bougourd & Naomi Bishop.

The spot was produced through Merman. The media agency is Manning Gottlieb OMD.