Specsavers launches Canadian campaign directed by PRETTYBIRD

specsavers campaign by prettybird

Specsavers has launched its first integrated marketing campaign in Canada, with a 45-second spot created by Specsavers’ UK-based in-house team, with production company PRETTYBIRD UK and director Matt Piedmont.

The campaign for the global optometrist-owned and -led business, is titled ‘That’s Specsavers Love’, and aims to charm Canadians with the brand’s signature wit while emphasising the company’s purpose of changing lives through better sight.

The optometry leader introduces itself to Canadians with signature wit and captivating creative bringing to life the company’s promise of better eye-care for all in a multi-channel campaign.

Specasavers campaign

The centrepiece of the campaign is a 45-second spot created for Canada by Specsavers’ UK-based in-house team, The Agency.

Prettybird’s Matt Piedmont, celebrated for his Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live work, features and marquee ads for global brands, directed the film, adding his trademark comedic touch.

It shows people in a series of everyday scenarios with the camera slowly zooming in on their eyes as sensual music is playing in the background, amplifying the intensity of eye contact.

“Some say that eyes are a window to the soul…” – art direction cues a language of love that is unique to Specsavers as the tension builds between the camera and one of the characters.

Unexpectedly, the narrator deadpans, “…we say they’re a window to early signs of retinal disorders.”

Piedmont said: “Adding verve to your optic nerve, that’s Specsavers love.”

Featuring a modern, vibrant aesthetic combined with a 70s-era style voiceover, the spot is designed to appeal to adults of all ages, as the company introduces its value-driven eyewear and inclusive eye-care to Canadians. 

In addition to the film, the campaign includes out-of-home, print, digital, social media, public relations and a partnership with the Vancouver Canucks.

Specsavers hopes to build brand awareness and communicate its message to Canadians on how the company is changing lives through better sight.

“We are thrilled to show Canadians what Specsavers is all about – the campaign perfectly reflects why Specsavers has become a household name and a market leader in the 10 other countries we operate in,” said Catherine Walsh, Director of Marketing, Specsavers Canada. 

“Beyond the standout marketing that sees slogans become embedded in culture, this campaign reflects our promise of inclusive eye-care, stylish value-driven eyewear and our purpose to change lives through better sight – all with a human touch, and prioritising communities around each individual Specsavers location. That’s Specsavers Love.”

Shishir Patel, Creative Director added: “A new direction for a new market. With this feelgood campaign, sweet Specsavers love is gonna rain down on the retinas of Canada.”

With a total investment of more than $10 million in markets across Canada through 2022, the first wave of the integrated marketing campaign runs from 24 January to 30 April, 2022 in British Columbia. 

The campaign will include Piedmont’s 45’ spot and 30’ cut down for TV and social, 15’ product films shot by Beate Sonnenberg (Sarah Laird), a 30-second spot on radio, as well as print, OOH and DOOH ads. 

The OOH and print feature First Nations model, Nuučaan̓uł Ricky-Lee Watts, shot by prominent fashion and beauty photographer Marie Schuller (RSA).

‘That’s Specsavers Love’ campaign will also come to life through in-store signage, digital banners, organic social media content and public relations.

In addition, to support the company’s marketing efforts, it has partnered with the Vancouver Canucks on TV spots on Sportsnet Pacific, billboard animation and a Closer Look integration tapping into an element of the game that commands a second look. 

The idea is a nod to the now-iconic creative platform, ‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’, which over the past two decades has solidified the brand’s presence in UK culture.