Special Group launches new pelvic floor trainer femfit


Special Group has created a bold and unapologetic campaign to launch new pelvic floor training brand femfit in the UK this International Women’s Day.

Using the huge digital out-of-home site at Westfield’s Eat Street, the straight-talking campaign clearly lays out the positive benefits of femfit and pelvic floor exercises, with the message:

“Orgasm Better. Leak Less. It takes just two words. Pelvic Floor.”

Special creates femfit UK campaign

The International Women’s Day execution is the first work created by Special Group for femfit, after it won the account in October.

It is part of a UK launch campaign for femfit , owned by start up femtech company JUNOFEM, which intends to make the brand top of mind when it comes to pelvic floor health and preventing urinary incontinence.

Femfit has also recently launched in New Zealand and Australia.

By moving beyond the usual approaches to pelvic floor health which often mask the issue, focus on products that don’t tackle the cause, or sexualise it with clichéd images of women; Special Group’s campaign cuts straight to the point without hiding behind metaphors.

Femfit’s aim is to stand out by reminding women they can build pelvic floor strength, empowering them to orgasm better and leak less.

It wants to open up the conversation by shifting away from managing the consequences and, instead, help more women combat the cause of urinary incontinence by offering positive action.

By simply saying “pelvic floor”, femfit wants to remind women – and men – to squeeze and lift.

Urinary incontinence affects up to one in two women in the UK during their lives and can be caused by many factors, including childbirth, hormonal shifts, age and menopause.

Yet, while it is common, it is rarely talked about and can have a significantly negative impact on women’s lives and self-esteem.

Plus it is not ‘normal’ or inevitable – it can be tackled with pelvic floor training and femfit is clinically proven to resolve up to 80% of urinary incontinence symptoms in just 12 weeks.

Jennifer Black, CEO at Special Group said: “This International Women’s Day, we are so proud to be working with a brand that empowers women every day, all year.

“Femfit is changing the lives of women across the world, and it’s time to stop whispering about pelvic floor health and start shouting about the importance of it.

“Our work is bold and straight-talking; no more taboos or hiding behind metaphors and clichés. femfit is a revolutionary product for women, and we are so excited to launch this incredible brand with them.”

Jennifer Kruger, founder and CEO of JUNOFEM, said: “It is such a great pleasure to work with Special Group. Their professionalism, expertise and ‘can do’ attitude is exceptional.

“More than this though, they really do care.  It is perhaps not a common trait in the industry, but it is absolutely genuine and hugely valued for us.

“I hope this ‘specialness’ never disappears and a real credit to the whole team. We really look forward to continuing to work with Special, and help change the lives for women by talking about the Power of the Pelvic Floor.”