Sonos: 72andSunny launches ’Feel Sound All Around’ film for Era 300


To launch the new Era 300 speaker by Sonos, the LA unit of creatives 72andSunny has produced an emotive film celebrating how new speaker’s spatial audio listening experience hits us from every direction and deeply connects us to the music we love.

The film, “Feel Sound All Around”, was directed by Quentin Deronzier, through La PAC, soundtracked to Fleez by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Sonos Era 300

A woman in her living room turns on her Sonos Era 300. She dances around energetically as she enjoys the spatial audio from the speaker, which is fully communicated with silky multicolour visuals and rippling animations.

72andSunny LA’s brief was to announce Sonos’s superiority in spatial audio by showing how, with the new Era 300, there’s no boundary between you and the music you love.

This is the first piece of work the agency has done for Sonos since being named its agency of record in November 2022.

“We used the notion of “feel sound all around” to help set up the creative work for this next-level spatial audio speaker”, said Lauren Smith, Executive Creative Director, 72andSunny LA.

“And we made good on that promise by taking a wild vfx  ride (but also shot practically) through one woman – feeling sound all around – and paired this with a newly released track from the iconic Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“And – well, it’s a ride I’d go on again and again, and probably will, when I set this speaker up in my own home!”

Sonos, Inc. is an American developer and manufacturer of audio products best known for its multi-room audio products. The company was founded in 2002.

The new Sonos speaker features six optimally positioned drivers all around the front, sides and top, to support Dolby Atmos Music. Sonos said the breakthrough acoustic design projects sound from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, immersing listeners in every dimension of a song.