Sonic sweets: DLMDD creates the sound of Müller


DLMDD, the creative sound branding agency, has crafted a new sound identity for Müller Yogurt & Desserts, bringing a sense of positivity, delight, and satisfaction to the much-loved brand.

Sound of Müller 

With a brief to create a mnemonic that would reflect Müller’s status as part of the fabric of the nation for years to come, DLMDD worked with composer Tom Bromley to create the new sound of Müller.

Starting with a deep dive into understanding the Müller Yogurt & Desserts brand, its competitors, its relationship with music and its ambitions, the DLMDD team presented several different creative routes, which were simplified into a three-note piano melody; a simple, satisfying, and uplifting sound.

Tom Bromley, who is a founding member of the indie pop band Los Campesinos and a touring member of Perfume Genius, recorded the sound on a vintage upright piano at Battery Studios in London.

The team used multiple recording techniques and vintage microphones to achieve a “living room” sound that is real and authentic, as if it were being played in a family’s home.

Müller’s new sound identity launches today across TV, online video and YouTube as part of their new Müller master brand advertising campaign – Love Every Bit – created by VCCP.

Erin McCullough, Brand Music Consultant at DLMDD, said: “Müller is an iconic brand with mass popularity across the UK since the late 80s. We wanted to create a sound that honours that rich heritage but also aligns with their new “Love Every Bit” brand platform.

“We did a huge amount of creative exploration to reach this balance, and what we landed on is purposefully pure and simple: a 3-note piano melody.

“It’s real, it’s satisfying, it’s uplifting, it feels like home – just like your favourite Müller product.”

Marketa Kristlova, Brand Equity Lead at Müller, said: “Our ambition was to create a sonic which captures the Müller brand essence – sound that is positive, real and simple enough that anyone could play it, while being timeless, so we can use it across our assets in years to come and put smiles on people’s faces.”