Sofa brand Snug launches ‘Mild Gone Wild’ campaign by krow


Sofa-in-a-box brand Snug today launched its “Mild Gone Wild” campaign, created by krow Group.

In a bid to shake up the world of interior design and spread the joy of adding stylish and fashionable colours to everyday life, Snug is launching three exciting new colours – Sage, Moss and Limited-Edition Spice to its collection.

Snug goes ‘Wild’

At Snug, boring is the enemy and everyone deserves to live in interesting colourful spaces, the company said. The new “Mild Gone Wild” campaign encourages consumers to step out of their neutral loving comfort zone.

Whilst Snug admits that a colourful sofa isn’t going to turn your life upside down, it can help you feel ever so slightly wild.

The campaign will feature a mix of five-second and ten-second teasers, creating intrigue and excitement around the new colour drop.

Central to the campaign is a captivating 30-second film set in a bland living room. Made up of three scenes, it features each new colourway with characters who urge you to not be afraid to go a little wild.

The campaign challenges the status quo of minimalistic design, encouraging consumers to explore a more vibrant world.

The three standout sofa colours are designed to infuse life into any beige or grey backdrop, making it easier for everyone to embrace a stylish and colourful lifestyle.

Snug’s campaign will unfold on social channels including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Teasers started on 26 September, building anticipation for the big reveal on today, 17 October.

Jo Jephcott, Creative Director at krow Group, said: “Snug is a natural disrupter, and we’ve loved working with them to bring that disruptive spirit into what could have been a category typical launch.

“We instead focused on the consumer, highlighting that awkward feeling our audience has when trying to take a bold choice but realising it’s actually quite mild.

“There is no shame in it, and we know it looks good, so we played on that truth.”

Megan Bradley, Brand Manager, Snug, said: “Snug is all about breaking free from the ordinary and infusing life with colour and style.

“These new colours – Sage, Moss and Limited-Edition Spice – are not just about sofas; they’re about expressing your unique personality and adding a touch of wildness to your everyday life.

“The ‘Mild Gone Wild’ campaign invites everyone to embrace the vibrant side of living. We’re delighted with krow’s creative and strategic contribution for this campaign – they perfectly captured what Snug is all about.

“This was a brilliant campaign to kick start our relationship, and we’re excited for the ones to come.”