Snapchat launches Sponsored AR Filters for advertisers


Social media platform Snapchat said it has launched Sponsored AR Filters, which are a new type of augmented reality (AR) ad that expands advertisers’ reach via the Snapchat Camera.

Snapchatters can access Filters after they take a Snap, swiping between different Filters to overlay on their photo or video before they send it to a friend.

Sponsored AR Filters

With Sponsored AR Filters, advertising partners can now access this valuable inventory to reach Snapchat’s 800 million monthly active users worldwide.

Combining new Sponsored AR Filters with Snapchat’s existing Sponsored Lenses (pre-capture AR) gives marketers an even more effective way to reach our community through the Snapchat camera, the social platform said.

Filters’ vs ‘Lenses’

Filters are overlays you can add after you take a Snap, but before you send it to someone. Lenses are our popular AR format where you overlay a digital experience on yourself and/or the world around you before you take the Snap.

What’s new for advertisers

Snapchat said it is making augmented reality ads more accessible and cost-effective. It said advertisers can create Sponsored AR Filters in minutes using Lens Web Builder, Snapchat’s free DIY tool to create Filters and Lenses, with no outside production costs needed.

This means budget-conscious brands can build AR ads without the expense of traditional production and storyboarding.

Fun, easy-to-use templates

From AR face Filters (like makeup and eyewear try-on), location-based overlays, countdown timers, to quiz generators, advertisers can upload their existing assets and utilise a variety of templates to easily build a Sponsored AR Filter.

Expanded ad placement options 

Brands can also run the same Sponsored AR Filter in Snapchat’s pre-capture Lens Carousel to maximise visibility and impact for their ad.

Measurement signals

With the integration of CTAs, advertisers can guide Snapchatters towards specific conversion actions, capture valuable mid-funnel signals, and drive measurable results for campaigns.

Early examples

To drum up excitement for Super Bowl LVIII, the NFL launched a Sponsored AR Filter featuring a countdown to Sunday’s game and logos of the 49ers and Chiefs.

To promote its Orchids exhibit, the Franklin Park Conservatory’s Sponsored Filter leveraged AR to let Snapchatters wear a crown of orchids.

Sponsored AR Filters are available now to advertisers globally.

“We’re so thrilled to roll out Sponsored AR Filters today, a highly-requested feature from our partners. Taking Snaps is such a fundamental part of the Snapchat experience”, said David Sommer, U.S. Head of Verticals at Snap Inc.

“It’s how our community shares life’s moments with friends and family. This ad solution not only offers new ways to reach and engage Snapchatters through our camera, but also makes AR ads more accessible and easier to create for any business.”

Jenn Wilson, Director of Marketing at Franklin Park Conservatory, said: “Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens continuously looks for ways to engage and interact with our guests and followers.

“The AR Filter offered by Snapchat provided a fun and interesting way to connect with our fans, especially our younger supporters.”

Joey Peluso, Digital Marketing Specialist at Portland Trail Blazers, said: “We use Snapchat for traditional traffic and conversion campaigns, which have been very effective at driving ticket sales and awareness of Trail Blazers events.

“We’ve just started leveraging AR Filters, but we’re super excited to keep developing that strategy for hyper targeted campaigns, growing fan affinity, and generating excitement on event days through our fans’ cameras.”