Snap launches Dynamic Travel Ads still Dynamic Travel Ads

Social media platform Snap today (1 June) launched Dynamic Travel Ads, which it said was a significant category expansion for Snap’s Dynamic Ads offering. 

It is uniquely positioned for travel and tourism advertisers including hotels, airlines, and online travel agencies.

Dynamic Travel Ads

Dynamic Travel Ads enable Snap partners to seamlessly create a variety of ads based on their catalog, and the system will serve the most relevant ads to interested Snapchatters.

Snap said its travel oriented product offers three unique benefits for advertisers:

  • Advanced audience targeting based on a Snapchatter’s travel intent and backed by local relevance
  • Locally-relevant campaign delivery to serve hotels, airlines, destinations, and tours based on popularity, leveraging Snapchat’s rich visitation data
  • Customised Catalog setup that’s built to meet the needs of travel advertisers, with relevant product feed attributes that are specific to these businesses

Since launching in beta last year, Snap has seen strong adoption and performance from early test partners.

Etihad used Dynamic Travel Ads to drive a 307% increase in ROAS with a 76% decrease in cost per purchase compared to their non-dynamic campaigns. 

And overall, Dynamic Travel Ads helped reduce Etihad’s cost per flight search by 4x. leveraged Dynamic Travel Ads to pull images directly from their product catalog and serve locally relevant listings based on previously-viewed products. 

The campaign resulted in a 20% lower cost per purchase than other advertisers.

Dynamic Travel Ads are now available globally to all Snap travel advertisers.

“The launch of Dynamic Travel Ads underpins our focus to optimise reach and drive conversions for hotels, airlines, travel, and tourism advertisers on Snap. 

“We know that our audience are eager and avid travellers who are highly engaged with travel brands through our platform”, said Amber Sayer, Head of Travel, EMEA at Snap Inc.

“As the summer holiday season approaches we look forward to working with our Travel partners on this exciting new launch” – 

Phil Dodwell, Marketing Media Lead at Etihad, said: “With travel demand seeing a continued strong recovery in Q1 2022, we were of course keen to capitalise by converting existing customers and, importantly, acquiring new ones. 

“However, the marketplace for air travel remains highly competitive so ensuring relevance is key. 

“By utilising Snapchat Dynamic Ads, we were able to maximise relevance by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process. 

“The prospecting solution in particular is currently the best-in-class catalog solution for dynamic travel ads on social and we are extremely pleased with the results we have been able to achieve. 

“We look forward to building on this approach in Q2 and beyond.”