Snap, British Fashion Council team up to celebrate emerging talent


Snap and British Fashion Council (BFC) have launched the first ever augmented reality Lens celebrating the BFC’s 2022 NEW WAVE: Creatives – a group of the most innovative and inspiring creative talents from around the world.

The new Lens, built in collaboration with a curated group of NEW WAVE: Creatives talent, allows Snapchatters to experience the creativity of The Fashion Awards presented by Diet Coke from wherever they are in the world – while guests on the red carpet can immerse themselves in the artworks through Snap’s AR Mirrors on the night.

Augmented reality is transforming the way we experience fashion, unlocking previously unimaginable creative possibilities and making fashion more accessible. 

British Fashion Council New Wave: Creatives

Through Snap’s AR technology, the Lens takes Snapchatters and guests on a journey through the artwork of three NEW WAVE: Creative artists – from donning a cape created by digital artists Fromm, playing with an augmented representation of art created by nail artist Simone Cummings, and finally trying on an augmented accessory by Ming Ma. 

Snapchatters and guests can move between each experience by activating an icon using body tracking.

To try the The AR Fashion Mirror Lens, Snapchatters can visit here.

The Lens was created in partnership with digital studio Beyond.

Caroline Rush, Chief Executive British Fashion Council said: “We are thrilled to partner with Snap and three of our brilliant 2022 NEW WAVE: Creatives on our first ever augmented reality Lens. 

“AR provides limitless opportunities to challenge our imagination and connect with consumers in innovative and playful ways. 

“The partnership allows us to bring a digital experience to both an online audience and red-carpet guests on the night and I can’t wait to explore the artworks created through this new experience.”

Ben Wymer, Director, Global Brand Experience, Snap Inc. said: “Fashion innovates by pushing boundaries and creativity and these are values that Snap shares.

“We have a duty to support the younger generation, keep them inspired and motivate them to know that there is a future in creativity. 

“More than 250 million people engage with augmented reality on Snapchat every day – it’s a canvas to make fashion accessible to everyone. 

“It’s a pleasure to partner with the British Fashion Council to celebrate this year’s NEW WAVE: Creative talent and showcase their art.”

Vince Ibay of Fromm Studio said: “Inspired by British royal aesthetics, we wanted to present something old and familiar in the potential of a digital space. 

“We hope to give everyone their own royal moment, so we designed it to be versatile by using a translucent digital material incorporated with our own hand-drawn embroidery.”

Nail artist Cummings added: “It has felt great to be part of this project. With my design I wanted to convey that fashion as an art form is ever changing, ever evolving, sometimes political and unfortunately sometimes controversial or thought provoking. 

“Fashion as an art form can be interpreted in many ways, hence why the objects on the hands are morphing as the user moves. I’ve found this project a great way to be able to convey a message and also design something that represents that.”

She continued: “I think that what the last few years has taught us is that tech is ever evolving, and our ways of communicating or conveying a message or idea are constantly changing with the use of tech. 

“For instance during lockdown everyone had to find alternatives of how to showcase their work such as the designer Hanifa, and even since then there have been AR Runways. 

“I think as creatives you have more opportunity to be creative – from out of this world set designs, to animated nails or make up. The possibilities are endless!”