Smyle Group acquires video production house IAMBOB

Dreamlike State

Smyle Group has acquired IAMBOB, the Manchester-based moving image production studio.

The compagny bought IAMBOB for an undisclosed sum and has worked with the IAMBOB team to rebrand and create Dreamlike State – a creative content studio dedicated to creativity without limits.

Dreamlike State specialises in on-screen content for major global brands and is committed to building deep brand and audience understanding to inform and inspire true originality.

It is providing brands with fearless, innovative, high-impact on-screen content across all media.

As established producers of film, animation, motion graphic and visual effects for some of the world’s most significant brands, the Dreamlike State team offers expertise in content strategy, storytelling, and every aspect of creation, production, post-production and delivery.

Through a unique approach to measuring the impact of content against campaign goals and objectives, Dreamlike State provides brands with an invaluable tool in establishing and maintaining relationships with audiences.

Smyle Group 

Rick Stainton, Smyle Group Founder & Group Executive Director, said: “Smyle’s moving image department has rapidly expanded due to incredible client demand over the past two years. This exciting growth means we see this as the perfect time to establish a dedicated creative content studio specialising in moving image.”

Stainton added “IAMBOB has really been making waves in the world of commercials and, alongside the Smyle team, Dreamlike State is the coming together of some of the most exciting talent in the digital and branded content industries.”

Rob Hardman, Creative Director of Dreamlike State, said: “Creativity, imagination and storytelling are at the core of everything we do.”

“We believe that creativity without boundaries combined with a deep understanding of brands and audiences is the best way to give freedom to original thinking and ideas. I’ve been told we’re absolutely lovely to work with, too, but I guess there’s only one way to find out!” said Hardman.

From its headquarters in the heart of Manchester’s thriving creative scene, and offices in London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Dreamlike State creates moving image content all over the world.