Sky Media to join ITV’s Planet V ad platform trial


ITV and Sky have announced that Sky Media, Sky’s advertising sales arm, will join Planet V, ITV’s Broadcaster VOD advertising platform, for a trial period.

Sky Media, the UK’s second largest TV sales house, will use Planet V for its on demand content, with agencies and advertisers expected to be able to plan and buy campaigns on Sky’s portfolio of channels using the self-serve platform later this year.

Sky Media follows STV, which joined Planet V in January.

Planet V

Through Planet V, clients and agencies will now have the opportunity of a single point of entry to plan and buy campaigns across ITV, Sky and STV.

Sky will have a bespoke merchandising area for their own inventory, ensuring Sky will continue to maintain control over all aspects of their sales on Planet V, while giving buyers the ease and efficiency of using a single platform for planning and buying on demand content.

Kelly Williams, Managing Director, ITV Commercial said: “I’m delighted to be welcoming Sky onto Planet V – an addressable platform designed and built for TV.

“We’re bringing efficiencies and targeting benefits to our buyers and advertisers, as well as ensuring our own businesses are at the forefront of the rapidly developing programmatic advertising sector.

“As the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented and complicated, working together will become more and more important, and this new collaboration is the next step in deepening our partnership as we build on C-Flight’s success.”

Brett Aumuller, Managing Director, Sky Media said: “Alongside the rest of the TV industry, we have a strong heritage of collaboration, promoting and protecting our brand safe and trusted credentials.

“Sky and our partner channels have an amazing selection of on demand programming for brands to tap into, using Planet V we hope it makes it easier for brands to add this great content to their campaigns.”

Planet V is the UK’s second largest video advertising buying platform after Google, giving advertising agencies access to data-enabled, fully addressable audiences at scale.

Launched in 2020, it offers self-service planning and buying capabilities for more than 1,800 users.

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