Simply Be campaign urges women to break up with bad fit fashion


Simply Be, the fashion brand which makes clothes that fit all women’s bodies, is urging the nation to break up with bad fit in its autumn/winter advertising campaign, created by House 337.

Simply Be

The campaign encourages women to let go of things which no longer fulfil them. Instead, empower the message to surround ourselves with things that make them feel good and contribute positively to their confidence and wellbeing, from careers to what they eat, and what they choose to wear.

For decades, the fashion industry has excluded women that do not fit within an idealised size or shape, the brand said. 

Those on the periphery have had to put up with ill-fitting clothes, making do with what’s on offer. Bad fit is not just physical. It holds women back, it quietens their convictions, it makes their personalities smaller, the firm said.

When it comes to what they wear, there should be no compromise about feeling their best. The campaign is a rallying cry to break up with badly fitting clothing and empower women to find emotional liberation – once and for all.

The film from House 337 features a range of women, reflecting the entire span of sizes available at Simply Be and show how the brand is for anyone who wants to feel confident, sexy and invincible in clothes that work with their body.

The campaign continues to partner with women featured in the films who vigorously campaign about fit-based issues on their platforms to continue the conversation through the line authentically. 

Behind the scenes, social content features the cast members speaking about their unique relationship with fit.

Sinead Donohoe, Head of Marketing at SimplyBe, said: “Building on the success of Spring/Summer, we are once again going to war with bad fit, showcasing how Simply Be helps liberate women from the emotional and physical restriction of bad fit. 

“The fashion industry still doesn’t truly cater for all women of all shapes and this is something we wanted to show we understand. It shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it is.”

Laura Liggins, Art Director at House 337, said: “The issue of bad fit and its impact is an important one, but we wanted to communicate it with cut-through, confidence and a tongue-in-cheek charm. 

“All too often, the subject is communicated by positioning our women as victims. Which is why the tonality was key, empowered, confident and unapologetic. 

“The casting and talent behind the camera all being able bring their authentic stories and experiences to the table was also core to the idea and execution of the campaign”