Silhouettes: Melanoma Fund launches sports sun protection campaign


The Melanoma Fund today launched Silhouettes, a campaign spotlighting the dangers of neglecting sun protection whilst participating in outdoor sport during the summer.

Melanoma, despite being nearly 100% curable (at stage one), remains one of the deadliest cancers, causing over 2,300 deaths annually in the UK alone.

With a busy summer of sports ahead, the Melanoma Fund has initiated a new out-of-home (OOH) and social media campaign to emphasise the critical need for skin checks and sun protection while engaging in outdoor activities.

Silhouettes campaign

The campaign, crafted by brand strategy and creative agency Neverland, features striking images of moles transforming into melanomas.

Each mole is artistically shaped to resemble a footballer, swimmer, and cyclist, symbolising the sports represented by Melanoma Fund’s Sunguard ambassadors Rosie Muggeride, Christian Lawal, and Daniel Whittaker.

Each is strategically placed on the body in areas where melanoma is typically found in each skin type.

Award-winning photographer James Day captured the compelling visuals, collaborating closely with specialist skin cancer surgeon, Mr Siva Kumar, to ensure the work was as authentic as possible.

Renowned Hollywood make-up artist Melanie Lenihan carefully created and applied the prosthetics to the athletes, all of whom have a personal connection to melanoma.

“We understand the cause-based landscape of melanoma is cluttered with the same messaging and visuals, so we needed to do something different,” said Michelle Baker, CEO, Melanoma Fund.

“The headline and visual combination invites people to take a second look, transforming what may be dismissed as just a mole into a recognisable sports figure.

“This campaign highlights the real dangers of sun exposure, particularly for those in the UK who often overlook the importance of wearing sunscreen while engaging in their chosen sports. Our aim is that this powerful message cuts through to revise perceptions around sun protection and skin checking.”

Andy Clough, Joint ECD, Neverland, said: “Both my dad and I have survived skin cancer, so I felt compelled to continue the great work Neverland and the Melanoma Fund have done raising awareness of the disease.”

“With a summer of sport ahead, more people will be inspired to go outdoors. Getting them to simply check and protect their skin could potentially save them from skin cancer.”