SIG partners with Lewis Moberly for new B2B sustainable packaging campaign


Multi award-winning brand design agency, Lewis Moberly, has worked with SIG to strengthen its position as a solution provider for sustainable carton packaging in the British market.

SIG, a b2b company, works with its customers to deliver food and beverage products to consumers around the world in a safe and affordable way.

A pioneer in crafting low carbon solutions for packaged consumer goods, the business uses sustainably sourced products and

forest-based materials to produce carton packaging. Although economic in use of materials, and with options to choose a carton pack with no aluminium layer, SIG products can keep liquids fresh over a long period of time.

SIG campaign brief

Lewis Moberly’s challenge was to bring this functional product offer to life through an eye-catching and compelling campaign to engage the more creative-minded marketer.

The creative platform needed to appeal to prospective customers, encouraging investment in the SIG product portfolio, as well as communicating SIG’s sustainability credentials.

Lewis Moberly has crafted a fictitious brand, Evermore, as a vehicle to deliver SIG’s proposition with mass-market appeal.

A series of adverts for milk, milk alternatives and fruit juices, communicate SIG’s sustainability story with visuals referencing the forest-based aspect of the packaging.

The resulting campaign encourages marketers to choose SIG as their packaging partner, improving their carbon footprint and their environmental brand credentials.

The visuals communicate SIG’s key messaging whilst also maintaining relevance and credibility in both the sustainable packaging space and the mainstream FMCG market.

A forest branded QR code provides a call to action directing customers to SIG’s website for further information.

Emily Fox, Creative Director at Lewis Moberly, said: “The SIG offer had felt quite functional and operational. Bringing it to life via a fictional brand platform in a more exciting and engaging way confirms the brand’s distinctiveness in the market.

“Our new creative campaign has provided both context and a frame of reference for potential customers, helping them better understand the value the products deliver.”

Caroline Barr, SIG UK Marketing Manager, added: “Lewis Moberly has reinvented the way we position ourselves, giving us a key point of difference.

“In delivering a much more eye-catching and inspirational form of communication, we’re now able to effectively engage with our customers in a way that feels completely relevant and compelling for their brands.