ShowHeroes launches Voice Command Branded Player for CTV


ShowHeroes, a global digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions provider, continues its development of engaging ad formats in the connected TV environment with the launch of Voice Command Branded Player.

ShowHeroes Voice Command Branded Player

Delivered exclusively on the big screen, CTV, a Voice Command Branded Player is an actionable TV ad which includes a text element with a custom audio command.

CTV viewers can use a voice command, for example: “Alexa, open the new summer collection”, to activate their smart assistant to access more information about products or services, obtain a voucher or receive a message via their personal phone or email.

These commands are implemented through Say It Now and integrated into Amazon’s ecosystem.  This interaction offers the advertiser hugely valuable real time campaign engagement data .

Initially, this new format will be available in the UK and Germany. The delivery is powered by British ad tech company Say It Now, ‘Alexa Cup’ winners and market leaders in creating high performing campaigns using the power of voice and verbal interaction.

Talk to the CTV: ShowHeroes launches voice Command Branded Player

“At ShowHeroes, we are leaders in composing sophisticated and innovative ad formats for the CTV screen as seen in our previous releases such as Branded Player with QR codes or Native CTV,” said Sarah Lewis, Global Director CTV.

“With Voice Command Branded Player we are going one step further by tapping into actionable audio.

“It complements our solutions for advertisers looking to achieve performance-driven campaign goals through the branding-heavy channel of CTV.”

According to ShowHeroes Group CTV study, “Why CTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy” released last May, UK viewers are open to advertisers using more innovative and interactive formats in their strategies.

In Germany, more than 50% of users were found to have scanned a QR code before, raising the prospect that QR-enabled ad solutions could be a preference over more conventional campaigns.

“Actionable TV allows advertisers to engage their customers with a deeper branding experience and immediately activate by sending links, coupons, recipes, tickets directly to your customers phone”, said Maria Cadbury, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Say It Now.

“Our technology has been built to maximise consumer comfort and facilitate reaction to an ad campaign.

“We are excited to team up with ShowHeroes to create meaningful interactions between brands and viewers by combining engaging CTV ad creatives with actionable voice commands”.

“Thanks to our innovative format we are seeing high success rates with our clients and look forward to building on that success with ShowHeroes.”

The market introduction of this ad format caters to the trend of rising smart speaker saturation, with the UK and Germany leading the pack in Europe.

In the UK, ownership of voice-activated smart home appliances has grown by 7% last year, reaching a total number of 19.7 million adult smart speaker owners.

In Germany, the study “Smart Speaker & Voice 2021-2022” by the digital agency Beyto revealed the German’s preference to use voice commands for simple activities that require little interaction. The number of smart speaker owners has risen to 18 million.