ShowHeroes launches MAX one-stop-shop video solution


ShowHeroes, a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions, today launched ShowHeroes MAX: a new powerhouse platform designed to produce and monetise online video content using advanced cookieless tech.

MAX by ShowHeroes

MAX offers publishers and advertisers worldwide access to a vast library of over 150,000 premium videos in 14 languages.

These can be used to maximise revenue using SemanticHero, ShowHeroes’ cutting-edge contextual targeting tool, for a privacy-first and brand-safe approach to consumer targeting.

One of the MAX solution’s first adopters is Berliner Verlag, an innovative partner alongside ShowHeroes for many years with its wide-reaching titles and

“Publishers are faced with the challenge of producing convincing video content, distributing it in a targeted manner and marketing it in the best possible way,” said Edzard Maske, Managing Director and responsible for marketing at Berliner Verlag.

“Using ShowHeroes’ new MAX service, we have access to an impressive pool of tailored video content and privacy-preserving contextual targeting.

“MAX was easy to integrate into our advertising solutions and offers extensive access to data and reporting. With this combination, we want to achieve our goals in a competitive and cookie-free future.”

MAX showcases the newly rebuilt predecessors, ShowHeroes Play – the company’s content management and online video player (OVP) – and its advertising platform, ShowHeroes Monetize, together with various dynamic new features.

These include a Live Chat support hub and SiteLoop, a content unit featuring slideshows of the publisher’s article recommendations to enhance audience engagement.

Media companies can use the MAX portfolio of bespoke video content to scale their reach in a cost-effective way, with real-time content recommendations tailored to audience preferences.

Publishers can also take advantage of additional MAX player features including a “keep watching” content call to action and ClipChoice, a unit that allows playback on multiple videos within a single player, boosting dwell time and attention rates.

Meanwhile, ShowHeroes’ proprietary semantic tech enables optimal results, and a sleek user experience, without having to rely on problematic personal data.

For the demand side, MAX delivers a trusted source for increased view-through rates (VTRs) and time-on-site, via machine-learning semantic matching technology.

SemanticHero makes the most of high-value video inventory by reading a combination of source signals, including metadata and EPG data, to understand and match context with brand messaging.

This ensures the most relevant and impactful editorial environments for video ad alignment, complete with built-in brand safety and suitability measures.

ShowHeroes’ advertising clients will also benefit from detailed campaign reports, a fresh portfolio of brand-lift studies, and new, wide-ranging contextual targeting segments.

“MAX empowers digital media players by combining OVP functionality and monetisation in one great place,” said Kay Schneider, Senior Vice President at ShowHeroes Group.

“It represents the culmination of years of development and testing for our company, as we strive to continuously improve performance for our publisher and advertiser partners, utilising the very best in machine learning technologies and creative excellence in video content.”

The Max platform has also been optimised to ensure a lower CO2 footprint, with advanced tools for more efficient data usage, as well as attention measurement tech for delivering more effective campaigns that cut unnecessary impressions and waste.

These capabilities reflect ShowHeroes’ commitment to balance people, planet, and profit through its Better Media framework, designed to help publishers and advertisers deliver more efficient, transparent, and sustainable video campaigns.

“Over the last five years, ShowHeroes has made a series of key M&A and organic investments, as we look to grow our capabilities and build a fully integrated video solution for the cookieless age,” said Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group.

“Max is the pinnacle of that journey, and we’re so proud to unveil it today. From privacy-safe targeting that steers clear of third-party cookies, to a massive repertoire of creative content, MAX has all the elements needed to help publishers and advertisers execute a successful and sustainable video strategy.”

Alongside its support for publishers, MAX caters to smaller content creators as well, via the increased visibility and revenue opportunities that come with the platform’s large, integrated archive.