ShowHeroes Group promotes Tanya Priyank to VP role


ShowHeroes Group has named Tanya Priyank as VP International Growth & Better Media, taking on new responsibilities and adding to her previous role as Director of International Growth & Better Media.

Tanya Priyank

Priyank will be growing ShowHeroes Group’s presence on a global scale while balancing growth with the sustainable principles of Better Media.

“The core principle behind Better Media is for the advertising industry to balance people, planet, and profit – as VP International Growth & Better Media, I’m in a perfect position to strike that balance and help us thrive as a company and industry,” said Priyank.

“For our international growth, I’ll be scaling our global partnerships and fostering cross-country collaborations.

“That’ll be in tandem with ensuring that ShowHeroes Group and, as much as possible, everyone we work with can adhere to our Better Media principles.

“With a seat on the executive board, I’ll be helping take this company and our principles further than ever before.”

The principles in question are the four pillars of Better Media: sustainable advertising, responsibility over the environmental footprint, commitment to data ethics, and promotion of diversity, equity, & inclusion.

“Tanya is an incredible representative for ShowHeroes Group on a global scale,” said Ilhan Zengin, CEO at ShowHeroes Group.

“Her strong passion for our cutting-edge digital advertising technology shines through, as does her commitment to Better Media.

“Thanks to Tanya we’ll not only be bringing our technology to markets worldwide, but our industry-shifting Better Media stance as well.”