Shorty Awards to be all digital event during lockdown


The Shorty Awards, has partnered with We Are Social to turn its annual award gala into an entirely digital, live-stream event, exclusively for social.

The awards were created in 2008 to honour the best content creators and producers on social media.

Shorty Awards

Taking place on 3 May, the new ‘Meta Shorty Awards’ ceremony will feature influencers, musical performances, hashtag challenges, real-time commentary; and an overarching social good goal to match the event’s theme of making the world a healthier, safer place.

It’s the first time in The Shorty Awards’ history that the organisation has produced a digital-only event.

The ceremony will have two main broadcast channels on Periscope and YouTube from 7pm (EST).

We Are Social managing event

We Are Social’s New York office is responsible for managing the activation and broadcast across the awards’ social media channels. This will be supported by specialist simulcast production partner, True Film Production.

As part of the launch campaign, The Shorty Awards will promote a TikTok hashtag challenge, #ShortyBreak; this will give creatives of all levels the chance to produce commercials for made-up brands.

The best ads will then be used as breaks during the ceremony broadcast. One lucky winner will receive an award for Best Shorty Break.

Prior to the ceremony, a creative brief will also be shared with a number of agencies globally; giving them the chance to create a social good campaign that raises awareness for a specific cause; chosen by The Shorty Awards team.

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Get Shorty: Annual social media awards go all digital.

Charitable giving

The winning agency will be recognised at the end of the live show. They’ll be awarded the business, on the understanding that they’ll be forgoing their creative fee to aid the charitable cause.

“This is an important moment for the team at The Shorty Awards, as we look to take a long-established global event and transition it online for the first time”, Rob Schlissel, marketing and partnerships senior director and senior producer, The Shorty Awards, said.

“Not only because we have to – due to the current global crisis – but also because the move upholds the innovative reputation of the ceremony, and continues the tradition of celebrating the world’s best in entertainment, media, branding and creativity.

Challenging circumstances

“The whole team, along with our partners at We Are Social, have worked to turn this concept into a reality in an incredibly short space of time, while working in challenging circumstances, but we’re very excited to see it go live.”

Benjamin Arnold, managing director,  New York, We Are Social, added: “As brands and organisations around the world work tirelessly to pivot their marketing efforts to reflect this current state of isolation, working with The Shorty Awards has been an incredible opportunity to showcase just how a large-scale, real-life production can transition into a purely social one – and generate the same, if not more, engagement.

“As the world looks to what’s next and how we can utilise the latest in digital technologies to rethink our marketing activations, it is our hope that innovative events such as this will be a shining example of the true value of social.”