Shopmium to shake-up FMCG data-marketing with Nielsen tie-up


Leading FMCG cash-back app Shopmium has strategically partnered with global leader in audience measurement Nielsen, in a bid to improve data-driven marketing in the FMCG sector post-cookies. 


Shopmium’s data combined with the Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s comprehensive consumer data will enable brands to gain an omnichannel view of consumers across different buying signals and retailers.

Shopmium is the free mobile app with +10 million downloads providing exclusive discounts on FMCG products that consumers buy in-store or online. 

Through its logged services Shopmium captures their own 1st party proprietary & exclusive data based on multi-retailer purchase receipts and delivers a reliable pool of cookieless seed data.

This data is then modelled out by Nielsen, scaled up, and distributed to platforms for activation. 

Nielsen’s advanced data modelling and enrichment methodology, powered by AI, enables real-time optimisation of the audience segments. 


Retail disruptor: Shopmium inks strategic partnership with Nielsen to drive audience activation.

With this technology, Nielsen is able to create valuable lookalike segments based on the Shopmium consumer base in order to deliver at scale across the digital landscape.

“In a world where FMCG brands struggle to collect 1st party data from their consumers, a Shopmium in-app activation followed by Nielsen data enhancement now provides a solution to re-engage buyers and their lookalikes outside the app on programmatic channels such as video, social media, display, native and audio at  scale”, said Stuart Sankey, Head of Shopmium UK.

Paul Barnard, Country Lead Northern Europe at Nielsen Marketing Cloud, said: “The new opportunities presented to clients are significant. 

“Consumer brand marketers are demanding seamless digital solutions to deliver results at scale. 

“Together we can meet this need by bringing a unique  combination of insights, activation and measurement that will propel the industry forward. 

“Marketers, in turn, will be able to access more than 500 FMCG-ready buyer segments with all different size ranges for use on a variety of platforms in the UK and France”.

Marketers can leverage those new co-branded segments at a category, brand or even retailer level to plan, activate and analyse their marketing campaigns across media in order to influence shopping behavior, build brand loyalty or enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

“The current retail media market is too siloed and usually very costly which can negatively impact campaign ROI. 

“Through this collaboration with Nielsen we are looking to bring a more holistic approach to shoppers activation through reliable and multi-retailer data at a much more reasonable price point”, says Stuart Sankey.