She’s in: Deborah Meaden partners with Einstein for SEGB ads


Dragon’s Den investor Deborah Meaden, one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs, is joining forces with Albert Einstein in a new campaign for Smart Energy GB to drive awareness of smart meters for small businesses.

Created by AMV BBDO, the humorous Inner Smarts campaign sees the duo swapping tips as leading figures in their respective fields.

Einstein remains the expert in energy and smart meters, while Meaden brings the knowledge and expertise on how small businesses can control costs and stay on top of budgeting.

Each execution is based on a business insight from Meaden, such as the importance of getting the basics right and staying on top of business numbers.

These insights have been woven into different business settings, such as a Mexican restaurant and a salon, so the pair can highlight the clear benefits smart meters bring to small businesses.

The integrated campaign lunching this week includes two 20″ social videos, 30″ radio ads, press and digital.

The films, directed by Jim Owen through Red Studios, contain humorous moments such as Einstein miscalculating the hot sauce and, in another, setting off a massage chair, establishing a light-hearted relationship between him and Deborah.

Chris Taggart, Director of Marketing at Smart Energy GB, said: “With ongoing financial pressures facing small business owners post covid, it’s never been more important to highlight how smart meters can help businesses stay on top of their energy budgets.

“We’re delighted to introduce the partnership of Albert Einstein and business legend Deborah Meaden, to raise awareness of this”.

AMV BBDO creative team Esin Huseyin and Davide Mauroni, said: “We created the ultimate duo that we didn’t know we needed; Showing how every micro-business owner has a little Deborah Meaden in their head.

“We brought to life her real business inner smarts together in humorous working lunches and appointments with Einstein.

“And as unexpected pairings go, it was surprising just how well their on-screen chemistry translated”.