SHEBA releases ‘sleep-inducing’ ad to help cat owners nod off

Sheba 4AM Celeste

Cat food brand SHEBA has created a sleep inducing ad in order to help cat owners get back to sleep after being woken early by their feline pets.

Over the past year, sleep patterns have suffered due to the anxieties and abnormalities of the pandemic, but they may have also shifted in response to something quite surprising: our cats.

What some cat owners may not know is that their pets are crepuscular creatures and are notoriously more active (and hungry!) in the early morning hours. 

SHEBA film

While many cat parents are happy to cope with that 4am feline wake-up call, the SHEBA brand is making it easier to protect their sleep with new custom content designed to help them get back to dreamland.

“While we all know sleep is precious, most cat parents would say that they put the needs of their cats before their own,” said Craig Neely, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Petcare. 

“The SHEBA brand understands how we love to give in to our cats and created this sleep-inducing content in partnership with sleep scientists as a solution to fall back into a peaceful night’s sleep after meeting our cats’ early morning demands.”

In collaboration with Behavioral Sleep Therapist, Donna Fairly, and Renata Riha, a Sleep Physician from the University of Edinburgh, the SHEBA Brand’s new ad is meant to aid parents in the early morning hours, when they may be reaching for their phones most. 

Developed by AMV BBDO, the 4am sleep-inducing film uses a combination of the best sleep techniques – including 20 minutes of body scans, ASMR voices, calm visual effects, meditation and soothing colours – to help cat parents get off their phones and get back to sleep.

“The film includes several sleep strategies that are helpful for inducing sleep,” said Fairly. 

“The tranquil colours and peaceful music, coupled with the tone of the voices throughout makes this content very relaxing, and should be effective for anyone with sleep challenges.”

The content can be viewed on the SHEBA brand’s YouTube channel, and across their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. 

The brand has also curated a 4 a.m. Lullaby Spotify Album to help feline families drift back to sleep.