‘Set Yourself Freely’: New TV service launches first campaign


Freely, the new free TV service by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, has launched its first integrated campaign.

Created and devised by TMW, ‘Set Yourself Freely’ enlightens consumers about the new way to do free TV.

Freely will allow UK audiences to stream live TV channels alongside on demand content for free, for the first time. By removing the need for a dish or aerial, Freely said it will future proof free TV for the streaming age.

Freely brief

TMW was appointed to the account directly from chemistry. The integrated creative agency has developed the strategic proposition and brand platform, with the first campaign featuring three TVCs, out of home, and a range of social ads.

The creative focuses on Freely’s unique benefit, allowing people to watch live television using only Wi-Fi. The hero 30-second spot features different examples of people enjoying big TV moments – on big TVs – but in unexpected Wi-Fi enabled places.

There’s a couple curled up watching Doctor Who (BBC) whilst in the back of a black cab, a man getting a bit too into The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4) in a restaurant, and a woman becoming engrossed by Michael Palin in Nigeria (Channel 5) in the aisles of a supermarket.

These serve as cautionary tales to remind us that “just because you can watch a new Freely TV anywhere there’s Wi-Fi, doesn’t mean you should”.

The ad then finishes with a family enjoying TV the right way, sat together on the sofa, in front of The 1% Club (ITV).

Merman’s comedy director duo, BARBARA, directed the brand TV ad. Creative and production was handled by TMW and its in-house production team, Move Studio.

Hearts & Science developed a comprehensive media strategy to build awareness with priority audiences at launch and then drive growth throughout 2024.

Activity covers traditional and digital media to encompass linear TV and BVOD, PPC, and paid social across Meta and TikTok. Notable activity includes TV spots on Channel 4 and ITV, including the Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) final, alongside dynamic ad placements on All4 and takeovers on ITVX and All4.

To elevate the creative campaign, Freely is taking a branded taxi on tour to London (Monday 20 May), Birmingham (Tuesday 21 May), and Manchester (Wednesday 22 May).

People are encouraged to try and locate the taxi to be in with a chance to win a brand-new Freely Hisense TV. They can either hail the cab and watch the new TV advert with free snacks and drinks or, if the taxi is occupied or on the move, scan the QR code on the side of the vehicle.

What’s more, the first 1,000 people who purchase and register a new Freely Hisense TV at a dedicated link are entered into a prize draw to receive a full refund for their TV.

Amy Rowcliffe, Director of Marketing, Everyone TV, said: “Freely is here to future proof free TV for the streaming age, by seamlessly integrating live and on demand TV, all in one place.

“TMW have well and truly delivered with this campaign. Using our cheeky tone of voice, they’ve perfectly captured the imaginative places people can now watch TV, while simultaneously demonstrating the freedom of Freely.

“We’re excited to bring a fun, modern, and universally accessible brand to market, for all to enjoy.

“We can’t wait for people to see the ad across the country! Nothing beats settling in for a good night of great TV.”

Graeme Noble, Chief Creative Officer, TMW, said: “With Freely, you can be in ‘full TV mode’ – engrossed in your favourite shows in your slippers, with a cuppa and snacks – anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.

“We brought this to life by dramatising people with big TVs in Wi-Fi enabled places doing just that, much to the surprise of those around them.

“By showing people setting themselves free from TV bills, boxes, dishes, and other grumbles, we’re letting the UK know that there’s a new and exciting way to do free TV.”

Garrett O’Reilly, UK CEO at Hearts & Science, said: “Freely represents the next step for free TV, offering an all-in-one streaming platform for all your favourite channels—at no cost.

“Our full funnel media strategy, rooted in deep audience insights, makes Freely not only unmissable but also easy to discover, encounter, and access, ensuring it reaches our defined audiences effortlessly across all platforms.

“And the message is clear; Freely offers everything they love about free TV, but with the added benefits of watching their favourite shows wherever they want, whenever they want.”