Serious Tissues loo roll launched to support NHS frontline

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Change Please, the social enterprise that trains homeless people to work as baristas, has created an initiative called Serious Tissues.

The product is a 100% recycled toilet paper brand sold to support NHS frontline workers.

We’re thinking – why has no-one thought of this one before?

Serious Tissues

The brand launches on 30 April; with the name, branding, visual identity and tone of voice all developed by independent creative agency, Above+Beyond.

The tone of voice and branding reflects the urgency of the situation; with a simple leading headline: ‘Sh*t just got serious’ and bold branding across 100% recycled packaging.

To support the launch, Above+Beyond has also created a range of assets for social media.

Serious Tissues has been in development by the Change Please team for close to a year; with the original intention to focus on tackling climate change with a commitment to plant trees all over the world.

However, the firm said the outbreak of Coronavirus has presented a more immediate need.

So, its brought forward the launch of Serious Tissues from the summer to start making a difference right now.

Rather than focusing on climate change, every penny of profit will go towards helping patients and the amazing NHS staff and volunteers who are dealing with this crisis on behalf of all of us.

All profits to NHS Charities Together

100% of the profits from Serious Tissues will be in aid of the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

The Appeal is being coordinated by NHS Charities Together – the umbrella organisation of 170 NHS Charity trusts across the country. The funds will be used where they are most needed and distributed by local NHS charities.

They’ll provide wellbeing packs to help the workers through the demanding long shifts they’re putting in to fight the disease. It’ll also help with the cost of travel, parking and accommodation for staff and volunteers; any unexpected requirements over the next few months and will support the recovery of NHS staff and volunteers after the pandemic.

Former Head of Strategy at FCB Inferno, Chris Baker, is one of the Founders of Serious Tissues.

An expert in social change, Chris has worked on award-winning campaigns for the likes of UNICEF, The Big Issue, Barnardo’s, NSPCC, Project Literacy, Home Office and the UK and Australian Governments.

Shifting focus

“The world has changed rapidly in the past 100 days, so we’ve quickly mobilised and changed our focus from climate change to fighting this terrible pandemic”, Baker said.

“There are close to 20 million families in the UK. If we can get 5% of those to switch to Serious Tissues, that means £10 million going to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

“Above+Beyond totally understands the brand and the urgency and shares our desire to help the NHS frontline heroes – it’s been an awesome partnership.”

Tom Bedwell, Managing Director, Above+Beyond, said: “You can tell things are serious when your toilet paper is trying to help.

“Change Please has a track record in transforming the lives of the homeless people involved in its barista scheme, so we jumped at the chance to get involved with Serious Tissues: a super simple concept, with the potential to make massive change.

“While we’ve developed a brand with a light touch and cheeky tone of voice, the ambition is huge, and we’re very proud to be playing our part in it.”

After COVID19

When the pandemic is over, the brand intends to return to tackling climate change, committing to planting a tree for every roll of toilet paper they sell.

Every year, ten million trees are cut down to make toilet paper across the world. It’s a statistic that beggars belief when we consider the importance of trees in capturing carbon and mitigating climate change.

Regular toilet rolls come primarily from trees. Serious Tissues don’t, Change Please said.

They are 100% recycled, made from paper recycled from offices and homes; they offer a more sustainable option in the bathroom while still offering the strength and softness we’re all used to; with the Premium range comparing favourably to anything available in the supermarket.

Serious Tissues are available to buy online, either as a one-off or a subscription.

There is a choice of either standard or premium rolls.