SeenThis, Audi double CTR and cut emissions in French campaign


Adaptive streaming technology platform SeenThis and Audi have announced the results of their first digital campaign together, with SeenThis’s innovative adaptive streaming technology used in a digital display and VOD campaign to promote Audi’s Q4 Sportback e-tron.

Thanks to SeenThis’s cutting-edge technology, there were no file-size restrictions on the creatives uploaded, with all assets optimised and the quality of the video stream always adapted for the user’s bandwidth – to provide the best possible experience with minimum data consumption.

Audi Re-Mind PHD campaign

The campaign launched in France 5 September and ran until 8 October across three IAB formats: 300×250, 300×600 and 729×90.

According to Audi’s media agency Re-Mind PHD France, this led to a doubling of the click-through rate (CTR), from 0.11% to 0.22% compared to previous campaigns. Streamed with SeenThis technology, the campaign also transferred an estimated 33% less data compared to delivering the same quality creative using conventional technology.

This resulted in an estimated 10% avoided CO2 emissions from creative delivery.

Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, said: “The campaign marks the first time that SeenThis has worked alongside Audi.

“It was great to see both the media and CO2 performances of the campaign exceeding expectations.

“We’re all about combining performance with sustainability and high quality – optimising with lightning-fast ad-loading that grabs users’ attention and leads to more efficient use of resources.”

Stéphanie Cantau, Media Manager at Audi France, said: “We were ambitious for our campaign for Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, with its unique design which concentrates the best of Audi driving, offering unique sensations on the road.

“And so we were thrilled that this campaign reflected the brand’s passion for innovation and progress, while also reducing carbon emissions through the latest technology.”

The teams worked together with Re-Mind PHD France to drive optimal results, with Ludovic d’Aubert, Associated Director at Re-Mind PHD France, saying: “We wanted to highlight the Q4 e-tron model in a very premium way, with clear differentiation and impact.

“The majority of the budget – 70% – was allocated to performance, while monitored KPIs included CPC, CTR, CPV, volumes of clicks and visits, time spent on landing page, and conversions. Across the board, the work exceeded all our expectations.”

SeenThis launched an Emissions Dashboard earlier this year to enable advertisers to track both campaign performance and carbon emissions, with emission reports available at campaign, creative and agency level.

Its investigations into the relationship between data wastage and CO2 emissions have also led to the publishing of a whitepaper.

SeenThis technology is compatible with all major ad servers, publisher networks and third-party providers.