Seedtag AI platform predicts Manchester City Champions League win


Seedtag, the global contextual advertising company, has satisfied the curiosity of anxious football fans by using its proprietary contextual AI platform, Liz, to predict the results of the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Liz concluded that Manchester City has a 60% chance of taking home the trophy versus 40% for Inter Milan.

Manchester City AI prediction

The prediction is a result of a popularity and positivity sentiment analysis of media coverage across Seedtag’s global publisher network, which found that overall Manchester City is considered the stronger team in the eyes of readers and journalists.

In terms of popularity, Liz found that 78% of visits to content focused on the Champions League were related to Manchester City, while only 40% were related to Inter Milan.

Manchester City’s players are also more popular, with Erling Haaland featured in 33% of articles and Kevin De Bruyne in 25%.

Romelu Lukaku was found to be Inter Milan’s most popular player, though only scored 11% of coverage.

The competition is tighter when it comes to positivity. Liz sentiment analysis found that Inter Milan was portrayed as a winner in 36% of network content, versus 20% for Manchester City.

As for which team is considered the best, the teams were neck and neck, at 42% for Inter Milan and 41% for Manchester City.

Overall, 62% of coverage of Inter Milan was positive, with Manchester City slightly lower at 59%.

However, when both sets of analysis were combined and appropriately weighted, it reached the conclusion that Manchester City is favourite to win the trophy on the 10th of June.

“Football fever is at its peak across the Seedtag global offices, so it was only natural for us to ask our contextual AI platform Liz to predict the outcome of the hotly anticipated Champions League final,” said Paul Thompson, UK Country Manager at Seedtag.

“While we absolutely wouldn’t recommend people use this for betting tips, this light-hearted study is a serious demonstration of the breadth and depth of our flagship AI platform’s fully contextual analytical capabilities in relation to complex topics in quality media.”