Seedtag advances carbon neutrality with sustainability commitment


Seedtag, a leading global contextual advertising company, is marking Earth Day by announcing a comprehensive climate action plan as part of its overall environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy.

The company has made significant investments in all its operations to assess, reduce and offset its carbon footprint.

Seedtag’s aim is to achieve net-zero for itself and its partners across the Contextual Advertising value chain long before 2030.

Seetag carbon neutrality plan

Seedtag’s assessment not only addressed environmental issues but also its impact on society and governance. In order to bring this vision to life, Seedtag is executing the following five-step action plan:

  1. Seedtag has assessed its ad formats to ensure KPIs are still being met while using the least carbon emitting formats and delivery timeframes, working in conjunction with partners such as Impact+ and Scope3. The company has also carried out analysis of redundant or duplicate requests from DSPs and SSPs in the Seedtag Exchange.
  2. To reduce Scope 2 energy emissions, Seedtag will improve energy efficiency in its global offices, while also switching to renewable and zero-carbon energy sources, where available.
  3. To reduce Scope 3 cloud emissions, Seedtag is working closely with its cloud provider, Google Cloud, to optimize its operations.
  4. To reduce Scope 3 business travel emissions, Seedtag is promoting the use of trains between its EU offices and diverting taxi usage to either electric vehicles or public transportation.
  5. To compensate for residual emissions and maintain carbon neutrality, Seedtag supports carbon credit projects that use innovative technologies and nature-based solutions to avoid and remove emissions.

Seedtag’s new ESG strategy and decarbonisation plan comes ahead of its sustainable growth plans for the coming years.

The company remains committed to creating a more sustainable and responsible business, and its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint will remain a priority.

Albert Nieto, co-CEO of Seedtag, said: “Our efforts to reduce and offset our CO2 emissions reflect our commitment to sustainability and support our customers and partners on their sustainability journeys.

“Our new ESG strategy is focused on supporting a privacy-led future, promoting a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem, and building trusted stakeholder relationships.”We are excited about the future and the role we can play in promoting sustainability in the digital advertising space.”