Scope3 grants universal access to digital ad emissions data


Scope3, the pioneer of data-led solutions to decarbonise media and advertising, today launched universal access to the industry emissions data in the Scope3 platform, providing greater visibility into the carbon footprint of the digital advertising ecosystem.

This launch represents a significant departure from the industry’s previously fragmented approach to decarbonisation.

Scope3 emissions data

Engineered to account for the highly complex and interconnected digital ad ecosystem, the Scope3 platform centralises sustainability data, and visualises the millions of metric tonnes of carbon output emitted into the earth’s atmosphere every year from digital advertising.

scope3 platform search
Universal access: Scope3 shares data on ad ecosystem emissions.

It also exposes opportunities that exist to decrease industry’s impact on the climate crisis by employing the same dataset to measure emissions and drive industry-wide decarbonisation.

scope3 emissions property report
Scope emissions property report.

“The first step to tackling rising carbon emissions is ensuring the industry has access to concise and reliable measurement”,  said Anne Coghlan, COO and Co-Founder, Scope3.

“We need to have a full understanding of the problems created by the digital advertising supply chain in order to identify the most impactful opportunities for reduction.”

“By putting insights into the hands of everyone, there’s no excuse for inaction. Only through this kind of collaborative effort can we drive systemic change to rebuild toward a more ethical, responsible, and sustainable internet.”

scope3 emissions property list
Emissions mission: Scope3 wants to lower ad industry CO2 levels.

With a simple search on the platform, anyone can explore carbon emissions metrics for millions of digital media properties, including inventory across web domains, mobile apps, and connected TV devices. In the Scope3 platform, users can:

  • Access digital media property reports featuring emissions metrics by channel and region
  • Track carbon emissions changes over time across online media properties
  • Explore detailed supply path maps for digital properties and companies within the media value chain
  • Create customised lists to monitor emissions on specific digital media properties
  • View comparative ranking metrics across the industry and/or peer sets

The data visualised in the platform is powered by the Scope3 emissions model, which provides the most granular and accurate measurement of emissions in digital advertising.

Built using Scope3’s open-source methodology, the model also sits at the core of every one of its emissions reduction solutions and research insights papers.

Scope3 CEO Brian O’Kelley took the stage at the company’s product summit in Sydney earlier this morning to unveil both universal access to emissions data and his vision for the industry’s first collaborative sustainability platform.

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