Schmackos launches world-first dog test kit by adam&evedbb


Australian dog snack brand Schmackos has launched a cheeky new campaign including a world first dog test kit, dreamt up by adam&evedbb.

Schmackos is the top dog treat in Australia where everyone knows the brand’s tagline ‘Dogs Go Wacko for Schmackos’.

Schmackos Dog Test Kit

In order to get a new generation of dog owners who have grown with the brand’s famous ad campaign to witness their dogs go wacko for Schmackos first-hand, adam&eveDDB and Schmackos devised the world’s first Dog Test Kit.

Now and then people end up owning a pet that they think is a dog, but it turns out to be something else. The Dog Test Kit is a revolutionary invention consisting of nothing but a dog treat.

The ultimate test to find out if your dog really is a dog, simply by giving them the treat and watching their reaction – because dogs go wacko for Schmackos, imposters don’t.

The test-kit launched alongside a major campaign across TV, DOOH, VOD, radio, digital display and social campaign.

Schmackos tongue-in-cheek TV ad makes dog owners aware that they might have an imposter dog and invites them to order a Schmacko’s Dog Test Kit to find out for themselves if their dog really is a dog.

Cut-downs across the brand’s social channels encourage pet owners across Australia to sign up for their own kit.

OOH and digital display ads help people spot the signs, such as: “Does your dog have a pouch?” and “Is your dog hissing at you?”

Schmackos also sent out a rapid response test-van into the field with a team of people equipped with Dog Test Kits ready to help people get to the truth: is your dog an imposter dog?

Test kits sold out within a week of launch, with 15,000 dogs tested and over 20k+ owners signing up.

Ben Stilitz, Creative Director, adam&eveDDB, said: “With Schmackos test kits we can finally end the epidemic of imposter dog scams in Australia.

“We’re proud to have found a 100% scientific way to stop other species muscling in on affection that rightfully belongs to man’s best friend.”