Savanta makes daily insights free for all during Coronavirus crisis

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Market insight specialist, Savanta, is committing to providing comprehensive daily customer behaviour data for free during the entirety of the Coronavirus crisis.

Hosted on a dedicated hub on its website, insights are updated each working day, by 12pm, and include the latest insights and analysis, with a complimentary 90-page PowerPoint presentation that businesses are welcome to download and use.


Savanta COVID Data Trackers

Savanta has multiple audience based Coronavirus Data Trackers, which cover insights into customer feeling, attitude and behaviour during the international health crisis, on a day-to-day basis.

Trackers offer deep dives including data on UK, US and international consumers; UK, US and international businesses; and UK, US and Chinese millionaires.

The data is designed to help brands and businesses stay informed and take action.


Today’s response data

Today’s responses show that 50% of people didn’t leave the house yesterday; 43% have seen income decrease; and 59% say they’ve now switched to working from home.

The Savanta trackers used are as follows:

Coronavirus Data Tracker: UK Daily

This gives a day-to-day view of how the UK population is responding to Coronavirus including their attitudes, opinions and behaviour towards measures such as:

  • In-store and online purchasing and consumption; media and news consumption
  • Attitudes towards the Coronavirus, behaviour changes and self-diagnosis
  • Response to the Prime Minister’s daily press conference and trust levels of business and individuals
  • Impact on disposable income
  • Feelings about support for airlines, insurance, the NHS, supermarkets, small businesses, cinema, theatre and pubs


Meanwhile, the Coronavirus Data Tracker: Weekly UK & US consumers, tracks seven set questions:

  1. How near do you feel to Coronavirus?
  2. How worried are you?
  3. What is the impact on your income?
  4. What is the impact on your outgoings? (by category)
  5. Who do you trust for information?
  6. How long do you think the Coronavirus crisis will go on for?
  7. How do you foresee life after Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Data Tracker: UK Businesses offers businesses the opportunity to access and understand the current opinions, attitudes and behaviours of UK business owners and decision makers towards COVID-19, together with plans for how they will adapt their businesses going forward to mitigate the impact of any future crises.

Five key topic areas are covered: business operations, service demand, confidence, budgets, and future strategies.

A series of questions on each of these areas are covered bi-weekly; presenting businesses with an up-to-date picture of this ever-changing situation.

Coronavirus Data Tracker: US Businesses. Within the US market a weekly tracker is measuring the business impact of COVID-19 among decision makers in organisations of all sizes and industries.

The report tracks the perceptions on the economy as well as organization-specific impacts including sales, employee outlook, productivity, and performance. With sales and income constraints, HR professionals have a lot on their hands to recruit the right candidate and make sure they do not waste their resources. Many are looking for People Analytics online training to better shape the decisions they make every day.

The report also specifically explores the utilisation and impact of remote workplaces and how companies are adapting.

MillionaireVue: MillionaireVue, a new quarterly-run omnibus focused on millionaires, covers three of the world’s main wealth markets – the UK, United States and China – offering access to and understanding of millionaires across the globe.

In light of coronavirus, the most recent wave looks at how concerned millionaires are about the pandemic and how it is affecting their lives across several key areas: travel, socialising, finance and business strategy.

“Whether you want to stay informed on attitudes and behaviours, or want to use data to enable decision making, we are committing to providing it, fast and for free”, Julian Dailly, EVP Consumer for Savanta said.

Savanta’s Dailly: Committed to providing free data during unprecedented global COVID crisis.

“The Coronavirus Data Trackers offer brands and businesses daily and weekly insights into consumer and business opinions and behaviours towards Coronavirus; to actively and quickly support their vital decisions.”

More information on the Coronavirus Data Tracker can be found here.