Samsung launches immersive mobile experience roadshow

1. Samsung_Outform

Samsung has launched an interactive and immersive pop-up roadshow, starting in Oxford, to highlight the ‘nightography’ camera and gaming capabilities of its new Galaxy S23 series.

The concept was created, designed and built by future retail agency Outform.

Samsung immersive mobile roadshow

Visitors were able to check-in to the mobile experience by scanning a QR-code through Outform’s PodDrop product, which entered them into a competition to win a new Galaxy S23.

The mobile space then included a selfie booth with colour changing LEDs so that visitors could see the camera’s consistent quality in different light settings.

Photos could then be shared digitally whilst they received an instant print to take away, both of which were watermarked with the Galaxy S23 series name and Samsung branding.

Guests were also able to use the Galaxy S23 as a controller so that they could play the various games available on the device through Samsung’s 55″ Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor, giving them the opportunity to play on a bigger screen, entirely powered by the Galaxy S23 device.

2. Samsung_Outform
Immersive roadshow: Samsung’s kicked off its immersive creative in Oxford.

In addition to the camera and gaming experience, visitors could explore Samsung Galaxy’s ecosystem of products through real-life demos supported by interactive screens to tell the brand story.

The objective of the pop-up was to build engaging, personalised and memorable experiences that help guests to experience first-hand the benefits of the Galaxy S23 series, encouraging them to either switch to the Samsung brand or to upgrade their current model.

The pop-up then travelled to six other high streets and universities across Brierley Hill, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Southampton and Reading.

James Dawson, Vice President, Commercial UK at Outform, said: “The challenge we see many brands facing when they create temporary pop-up stations is that it’s harder to inspire shoppers and build long-term loyalty. It has to be more than just a one-off.

“We knew that this roadshow had to move beyond the traditional demo station, where phones are usually locked into a stand. We wanted to create something that felt personalised, interactive and engaged visitors in a point of experience.

“We’ve partnered with Samsung to build a mobile experience that taps into different consumer interests, encouraging them to see first-hand the Galaxy S23 series’ ultimate gaming and camera capabilities – and amplifying its ‘stronger together’ ecosystem.”