Samsung creates first creator-led music video for Tate McRae


Socially-led creative agency We Are Social Australia has launched its latest campaign for Samsung, designed to elevate the live music experiences of GenZ.

Tate McRae video

As part of this project, they engaged 25 creators from the Samsung #TeamGalaxy collective to produce a crowd-sourced music video for multi-platinum pop artist Tate McRae’s hit, “Think Later”.

Filmed using the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the video showcases the phone’s superior AI and camera capabilities, drawing fans closer to the music they love.

The video was filmed across McRae’s world tour dates in Spain and Portugal, bringing together a diverse group of acclaimed creators who documented their travels and the electrifying concert atmosphere.

Under the direction of visionary photographer and #TeamGalaxy member, Marilyn Hue, the music video integrates footage from each contributor, leveraging the device’s Nightography Zoom and Galaxy AI features to vividly capture the essence of the live experience.

“This campaign goes beyond showcasing mobile technology—it’s about truly connecting with Gen Z through visual storytelling,” said David Moon, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy Group of Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Gen Z treasures the unique experiences and lasting memories of live music, and with their devices, they can capture every moment in vivid detail, preserving the essence and emotion of these unforgettable performances.”

Alongside the hero music video, now available on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, viewers can catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action on the influencers’ channels, and learn about product-specific features thanks to a suite of supporting assets on Samsung’s social channels created to maximise the impact of the campaign.

Ben Clare, executive creative director at We Are Social Australia, said: “As much as Gen Z yearn to preserve the magic of a concert experience, the reality often falls short—hindered by the constraints of their smartphone cameras.

“Creating a product demo disguised as a music video felt like a cool way to elevate the features from mere advertising into compelling, story-driven content.

“And bringing together so many creators to help make it builds on the idea that great content creation goes beyond power and image quality — it’s also about community and the collaborative spirit, all of which Galaxy fosters.”