Samsung, Cheil launch AI watch app for people with speech issues


Samsung and Cheil Worldwide Spain have launched a ground-breaking new AI app for the Samsung Galaxy Watch that puts an invisible haptic speech coach on people’s wrists to improve their lives.

AI watch app 

The app, called IMPULSE, combines mobile innovation with sophisticated AI to augment human capabilities, replacing the ‘missing metronome’ inside sufferers of speech impediments and disorders.

The app is based on the proven rhythm therapy technique, which involves creating beats that subconsciously help to improve speech fluency. IMPULSE assists users by giving them a silent, haptic speech pattern to follow.

IMPULSE recognises and analyses speech patterns using an algorithm based on Natural Language Processing. It then translates words into rhythmic vibrations that guide human speech.

For the first time ever, these rhythmic patterns are taken out of the treatment room thanks to the ‘vibrometer’ inside the Galaxy Watch, which gives people a pattern to follow whenever they speak, anywhere, and in any situation.

The app will give users autonomy and confidence no matter what language they speak – having already launched in English, Portuguese and Spanish, additional languages will be introduced over the coming months.

IMPULSE was developed and tested with 200 patients across multiple countries: Spain, Portugal, the US, Ghana and EMEA, and is endorsed by the Spanish Association of Speech Therapists and the Portuguese Society of Speech Therapy.

After a beta launch in Spain and Portugal earlier in the month, the free app is launching on the Android platform today.

The app is supported by a tutorial video outlining the multiple features of the app as well as a medical expert and patient trial video featuring testimonials for this cutting-edge innovation. Both were also created by Cheil WW Spain.

This project is part of Samsung’s ‘Technology with Purpose’ commitment and builds upon previously successful innovations, including Blind Cap, Tallk and Unfear, which have been breaking barriers and opening up possibilities for over a decade.

As with previous projects, Samsung and Cheil WW have worked with experts from multiple countries and specialities to find an effective and open solution for everyone.

Alfonso Fernandez Iglesias, Samsung España’s CMO, Head of Ecommerce Direct to Consumer, said: “This year we have combined unique mobile features with AI to create an innovation that improves the lives of people with speech problems.

“Like all our ‘technology with purpose’ projects, we worked with a wide range of experts to find the most effective solution and made it accessible to everyone.”

Alejandro Di Trolio, ECD at Cheil WW Spain, said: “We’ve democratised rhythm therapy that, until now, was only accessible through doctors and therapists, enabling anyone with a speech impediment disorder to have an invisible coach accompanying them everywhere.

“IMPULSE encodes speech rhythms via a custom algorithm to enable people with speech disorders in any situation. It is truly a game changer.”

Malcolm Poynton, Global Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide, said: “Mobile tech and AI are core to our creative DNA at Cheil WW; IMPULSE pushes creative boundaries beyond what was possible, to demonstrate the power of Samsung’s mobile tech to open up new possibilities in a very human way.”