Samsung, BBH Singapore see new travel with AI-led Galaxy S24

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This summer, BBH Singapore and Samsung are welcoming a new generation of travellers, and changing the way they photograph and experience their travels, powered by AI on the Galaxy S24.

Galaxy AI on Galaxy S24

As Gen Zs across the world are gearing up for exotic adventures and new horizons, Samsung’s latest global campaign shows how much more deeply and richly their travels can be captured and experienced to the fullest with the Galaxy S24 Ultra and its groundbreaking Galaxy AI.

Travel is all about the unexpected, but those unexpected moments don’t always make for the best memories. Photobombed by a rogue pigeon? Wondering what that mysterious landmark actually is? Getting a little lost?

These are the travel hiccups we all know too well. Enter the S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI, your perfect travel companion for the summer of 2024.

Building on the S24 Ultra’s successful global launch in January, this campaign dives deeper into the heart of Gen Z’s travel desires.

As this generation takes on the world, Galaxy AI is primed to make their journeys smoother, more enriching, and undeniably more fun.

Through a series of films, dynamic out-of-home displays, and social executions, the campaign spotlights game-changing Galaxy AI features, Photo Assist and Instant Slow-mo, and Circle to Search with Google that will transform your travel experiences.

In the films, familiar travel moments come to life: “What exactly am I eating right now?”, “What’s the story behind this strange sculpture?”, and “Wait, where am I?”—all effortlessly answered by the new Circle-To-Search with Google functionality.

Meanwhile, social and digital out-of-home executions tackle another universal travel gripe: imperfect travel photos.

From photobombing construction cranes, the seaweed that snuck into your beach pic, to lacklustre lighting, Galaxy AI lets you enhance your images and preserve your memories exactly as you lived them.

The campaign runs across social media, digital video, and both static and digital out-of-home platforms worldwide.

Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer at BBH Singapore, added: “Following a successful launch as Samsung Mobile’s leading global creative agency for its flagship mobile, we’re thrilled to launch the next phase of this campaign.

“We wanted to seize this moment when Gen Z travellers are about to go explore the world.

“After experiencing the incredible capabilities of Galaxy AI firsthand, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to showcase its benefits and position the S24 Ultra as the ultimate travel companion.”