RTL AdAlliance promotes EU media strength with new Manifesto


RTL AdAlliance, RTL Group’s international sales house, has revealed its Manifesto, a roadmap to unlock the potential of European media among global competition.

The Manifesto shares essential recommendation pillars to underline the strengths of local media, simplify access for international advertisers, and ultimately reach its full potential.

Iconic and long-standing media brands from Europe are facing a fast-evolving environment and intense global competition.

While global media and tech brands compete across multiple markets, the legacy media landscape in Europe has been focused on individual markets.

Despite the scattered landscape, broadcasters and publishers on the continent can build on common strengths as they face the same issues.

Stéphane Coruble, Chief Executive Officer at RTL AdAlliance said: ”Our Manifesto draws attention to the challenges and opportunities we are facing in a globalised media industry.

“Together we can address the fast-changing market situation and unlock the potential of a more competitive European media force on the global stage.

“The high-quality content European media brands produce — providing captivating entertainment, informing and educating our viewers, and supporting democratic exchange and discussion — are a cornerstone of our society.

“Advertising funds this unique free media ecosystem. This virtuous circle that ensures the production of trusted news, documentaries, sports and entertainment has never been greater.”

TV production is a major component of video entertainment for European audiences. Europeans watch over three hours of TV per day, as TV accounts for 51% of video usage — live and time-shifted.

Considering the shared market conditions, RTL AdAlliance advocates to communicate Europeans media industry strengths boldly, by highlighting unique advantages and successes to reshape global perceptions, and jointly promote an improved media buying infrastructure:

RTL AdAlliance encourages broadcasters to collaborate locally to enhance their positioning and offerings to global advertisers.

Close collaboration can propel European tech-initiatives, reducing fragmentation and complexity. The joint initiative between RTL Deutschland and SevenOne.Media stands as a leading example for all markets.

To elevate “made in Europe for Europe”-technology, RTL AdAlliance advocates for international cooperation and industry alliances, to develop and share technology solutions.

Alliances on an international level need to simplify access to media inventories for global brands and advertisers. RTL AdAlliance invites broadcasters and streamers to join their unique European Video Marketplace VMP Connect.

An increased presence on international stages with one voice promotes the important role of European media, raises the attractiveness of advertising environments and deepens relationships with global brands. RTL Beach at Cannes, organised by RTL AdAlliance, is an example for that.